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Dimond bikes V's Rappstar poopstorm

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I do think Rapp had a genuine issue with the Dimond frames he was given, but he made a big booboo with his ST thread and GoFundMe malarkey. I don't get the whole GoFundMe thing for shit like people's trips to the world champs or to help pay their legal bills. I have a colleague whose 3 month old baby has terminal cancer, she has setup a GoFundMe page to help pay for costs associated with her babies illness, that's where people's money should go. I would never think to ask for people to donate money in a way Rapp has. Probably not a bad bloke, just a tad misguided and I don't think for one moment any lawyer gave his approval to post on ST. 

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8 hours ago, Ironnerd said:

Posted by Rapp

I have decided to end the GoFundMe and refund all donations. More than ever being about the money, I was looking for support. And that has been made extremely clear. So thank you. The value of that support is invaluable. 

In other words. 

'i dug a hole so deep that I was coming out in a backyard in New Zealand and the only option I had to even begin to fill it in and rescue any credibility was to return the donations for something I should not have asked for in the first place, to folks who shouldn't have given it'.

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