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Rude Beef

Custom Bidons

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I'm on the hunt for a place to get a few custom bidons/bottles made. A simple design of pink writing on a black bottle with a pink lid (or something similar).

The thing is I don't need 5000 of them, only looking for 5 or so. Anyone know of a place or website I can get a small order like this? 

Heck, I'll even take suggestions on places I can get a plain bidon from and I'll get a few blacks and pinks and mix the lids up and whack a sticker on them. 

Thanks in advance 

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Any sign writer will be able to make the stickers for you

as u said just get the biddons , mix the colours and stick the stickers on

jobs done

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Just to put some closure to this thread and help out anyone in the future: 

I had no luck finding a place to do custom water bottles without ordering 500, or the translucent ones from kapz which didn't suit what I wanted.

It's also extremely hard to find a plain bidon. I ended up getting a few all black Tacx Shiva bottles from the pushys website, about $10 each. Got a local sticker place to put together a sticker, $25, and slapped it on the bottle. 

Not a bad get-around and my wife was stoked when I gave it to her on race morning. 



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