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Normatec in Australia

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Hi Trannies, I have decided to invest in a set of recovery boots for training and racing and narrowed it down to the Recovery Pump and Normatec sets. I can get a hold of the (digital) Recovery Pump set up for roughly the same price as the Normatecs imported into Aus with Taxes and exchange rate etc. 

Has anyone ordered a set into Australia before? Anything I should be wary of? Timeframe etc? 

I have found a link on a thread on here saying Crowie was bringing them in to Aus, but the links don't work.


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Been using Air Relax for the last couple of month and have found them to be very good.

I have never used or considered using Normatec or other brands as I could never afford them.

Troy will be at Gordon St Cycles at Port IM if anyone wishes to trial them

Tell him Emo and EDO sent sent you and he will look after you


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