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Greenvalleys Bike Park


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This is a bit of a review of the place and a glowing endorsement for their ride days (as the odd mention has popped up in a few threads here).


So GV is a private facility run by a passionate guy named Nick. After a long council battle he got the okay to build a bike park. The place has a line with no jumps, a few intermediate trails and mostly serious DH stuff with big gaps, drops and every sized jump known to man.


There is a pump style track and an airbag they setup under a big kicker that is almost vertical at the lip. Bloody insane!


It is a lycra free zone and virtually impossible to ride to the top. There is a token XC track but Nick makes no bones about the fact it is gravity focussed.


Anyway, the young bloke and I nominated it as our home club when taking out a MTBA race licence, so we are allowed there as long as we call ahead. We have been out to watch the RedAss event and the South Coast titles. Perching ourselves in their infamous rock garden is a pretty good way to kill a few hours.


If you check their website, they run shuttle days roughly monthly. $100. 40 spots. Sells out fast. Today they ran a kids Dirt School. $80, 8 hours of shuttles. Pick your disciplines by 4 hour blocks (free riding, enduro, downhill and maybe slopestyle - can't remember). Supposedly the first of its type in Oz.


Well, what an epic bloody day. The day was a tad undersubscribed so parents were on the shuttles. My young bloke chose an All Mountain/Enduro focus. 2 kids to 1 coach ratio. First 2 runs picking apart the course then another 5 or 6 runs before lunch with the coach on their hammer. Bloody unreal. Lunchtime saw a shuffling of the decks and my young bloke ends up with another 8 runs 1:1 coach student ratio (plus me at the back sucking up the info).


The young fella claims to have had the best day of his life, ever. I can't argue. I am thinking similar. Learnt more today than I thought possible.


Anyway, the shuttle days are a must do. Book one, get a full face and some baggies plus a long travel bike. Have a look at their webby. On the phone so can't link.


By the end of the day, the young bloke was staying off the brakes a heap more, hitting jumps and drops without a second thought. Roxii, a must for your fella next time round.

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No one else had a crack yet?  We have been a few more times since.

Young fella hitting the airbag now.  

DirtArt have just started doing some Illawarra Escarpment stuff for the council so good times ahead.

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I'm allergic to that kind of riding :mellow: I had a more freeride bike once I'm too old to learn any new tricks now! Still I'd certainly like to check the place out. Sounds like I'd have the XC track to myself.

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