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Cross Country, New Definition.

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I had a chance to join 2 morning rides. Missed both groups and went out alone.


No problem, there was an all day tour which I didn't really want to join anyway.


That left me with a 34 km spin on the highway, straight tarmac, one hill out and back. For whatever reason, after 3

rest days, I felt great. So 34 km was not going to be enough. So I thought of a 12 km off road loop also out and back

to top up the ride. A not very tricky 4km of single track. A few hills, then bits of tarmac.


I went big ring and I was climbing some small hills before I dropped down. Then I went over some tree trunks and etc, and

notably under the trees it was getting fairly dark, alternating with glaring sun. The Jawbreaker replicas failed miserably here

and I had to flip them up, then take them off. If not for the $50 I paid for them, I would have tossed them.

Very disappointing, but caveat emptor, you definitely get what you paid for.


Problem No. 2. Hitting mud and trying to ride around it. Then it deepens and is think black mud with tire tracks, and the tire

tracks are filled with water. And it goes on, and soon enough I have to stop. Should I go back? No, because I'm about halfway

and if I can get back to the secondary road, I have another route out. So I get the bright idea to get off the trail completely, so

I get off to the left and now I'm in the middle of a newly planted rice field. I can ride a little along the bunds, but I have to cut

across the field to get back to the trail. I get back and it still a quagmire so I cross to the other side. Now I'm in a thickly

planted field of corn, but I stick to the side and get round it. Have to stay off the tail now, but after maybe 200 metres it

becomes rideable again.


Problem No. 3. I get back on the trail, but I must have over shot my turn. Now I'm in a small beach community, but the only access road is the one I came in on. I don't want to go back there, so I ask directions. Got a guy on a motorbike who says follow me and we go now, single track, winding round for a few km....quite good training because there's a tire track through

the mud and I stay on it. And the guy waits for me a few times.


We get out of there and finally hit tarmac along another beach. Keep going and the road is now familiar to me.


My easy 34 km now gets closer 60, before I get home. And funny thing, I usually see plenty of riders out,

today I saw perhaps 3.


The cornfield cleaned up the bike and the shoes so I arrived home with a nice shiny look.



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