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Finished Mt Solitary Ultra the weekend before last. Highly recommended.

"Only" 45km. Someone said it has more elevation change the UTA 100km course.


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On 17/01/2018 at 9:32 AM, Cottoneyes said:

Anyone here done trail running over multiple days?  

Got an email yesterday about Run Larapinta which is on in the NT in August.  I'm going to be OS when it comes around this year, but got me thinking overnight of adding it into my schedule for 2019.

The question is, how much harder is it backing up trail runs day after day after day after day?

Backing up isn't hard if you prepare and train for it.

Trails are generally softer on the legs, nor are you running as quickly as on road.

Train with back-to-back days of significant mileage building into consecutive days.

Manage your recovery (fluids, food, flexibility, etc) between stages. Eat as much as can, as often as can in your down time. You will have ample recovery time with few other priorities.

Learn how to manage your feet.

Prevent small problems from becoming large ones that can eventually screw up or end your run. Sunburn, chaffing, blisters are all avoidable. If these do crop up, attend to them early, don't try to run through or fix them later.

If you're worried about restarting each day, you can always have a crack at Jess and MQ's FKT for Larapinta and just run straight through. They only took about 60 hours. :devil2:

Seriously tough chicks.

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11 hours ago, part_time_tri said:

Only 2 more sleeps! In the car on the way down from the GC. Wife doing the 22 tomorrow before her and my daughter crew me in the hundred Saturday. 

Good luck to all the PTT's.  

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