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Ruleys Basic Busso Plan

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Sorry for the delay, which sessions are you after specifics for?
if its tuesdays sessions then you'll find on the main page not the pdf they are in there, roxii has just lost some of the formating in the conversion to html and they dont stand out.

I kept them fairly simple so foggy goggles and a foggy brain wouldnt find them too hard at the end of the pool

Tuesdays hard swim sessions:
Warm up and cool downs stay the same. Main set gets bigger.

Warm up: 2x200m easy 15 sec rest.

200m as 25 drill, 25 swim – pick 2 different drills

6x 25m hard, 25m easy, 15 sec rec

week 1 : 6x (100m hard, 100m easy, 15 sec rec)

week 2: 8x(100m hard, 100m easy, 15 secs rec)

week3: 16 x 100m hard, 15 secs rec

Cool down : 200m easy swim with fins, 200m kick easy with fins

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