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Local carbon tech gets a boost.

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In the age of seemingly everything going offshore its good to see some niche stuff staying local.


These guys are actually based in my street and are the guys Ben from Caden wheels works with to do his mouldings and prototyping.


Ben is hoping to get me in to have a look at their processes soon to see how they collaborate.




We are also close to getting sorted for a test pair of Caden wheels so check out his site.






(I make no apologies for unashamedly trying to help along local businesses in our sport)

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as you guys know, I got a set of 60/88 clinchers the week before Port. Ben had a shipment of rims arrive on the Thursday 10 days out from Port but they were not printed with the Caden logo, which was to occur locally ( Ben's brother ) the week after, but as I was in a rush, Ben laced up my wheels, sans logo, on the Friday for me to pick up on the Saturday and Ben fitted new brake blocks and set the adjusters etc.... it rained the following day, so no ride of me with a first ride on the wheels being on the day in Port...

all good.


anyway, if you or trek52 want to grab my set, to do a test for a few weeks ( 11 sp Shimano, 25mm Schwalbe One fitted ) then I'd be happy to help out, as I'm off the tri bike for a while.

that way, you'll be testing a normal customers wheels and not a review test special..... not that I'd imagine there's any difference.. :-)

just let me know.

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