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Running after cortisone injection

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Hi all,


So around 4 months ago I sprained my ankle really badly playing AFL footy (please save your comments...)


I left it for about 1.5 months before seeing anyone (physio), where i got small results. Then 6 weeks later I went to see a foot and ankle specialist where I got a CT scan, MRI scan and post scan analysis. It was decided to go for a cortisone injection as excess scar tissue had bult up around the anterior tiliofibular ligament area, which were blocking the flexibility in my ankle quite significantly. I was told the injection was to go in and break up the excess scar tissue and help the body digest it. I was also told that if this doesnt work, the next step is to get telescope scrpainng of the scar tissue.


Anyway, two questions:


1. What is the time frame for a cortisone injection for this reason to take effect?

2. I was told by the injection administering doctor (not the ankle specialist) to not run on it for "a week or more". I have not run for a week. How much more is more?



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