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Group riding in Brisbane

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I went riding on Sunday after some time off and found that the numbers have dwindled somewhat. I believe that it could be because the bike shop that it was atatched to has closed down....


SO, I need help finding another bunch ride in brisbane.


For those who live in brisbane, I am around the Carina area and previously was quite happy to ride into Southbank to catch the group.


I am looking for a bunch ride that would do at least 90 kms and travel OVER 30km/hr. A decent size group would be good as well.


Can anyone suggest a new bunch ride that would fit my requirements


thanks heaps

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How fast?


The zupps group seems to get a lot of attention - never been with them but they sound very fast e.g. above 35km/hr the whole way plus parts getting well above 40


MB have some big groups


There is also an airport group that goes out of Milton - quick but not too quick - they have sprints etc - did it maybe 2 years back and wa good


Any shop will have a ride though in most cases


Go on a few and try them out


The tri bunch rides have a broad secion of riders of ability and speed and sometimes bike


Sunday was super quite though - I went out for a quick 2.5 hours and was hardly nobody out there

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Very close to Carina is the Balmoral Cycling Club Sunday ride. It leaves at 6am from the carpark at the Murarrie Recreation Reserve (where the crit circuit is). Opposite the petrol station on Wynnum Rd.


It is not as far as you would like - 60km+ most Sundays. But the first Sunday of every month is usually a longer ride, heading either up Redcliffe way or down towards the Gold Coast.


Visitors always welcome. Might be worth a try one Sunday to see what you think... :lol:




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zupps 6:30 Sunday and the wednesday worlds ride 6am park road


Only a very select few people ever actually get to the front on these rides. However are an excellent way to improve

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