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WoooT! Macca


Doesn't seem like the news is going to show it! thats lame








Sports Tonight just announced results at very end :lol: No coverage but better than nothing.







They showed a hell of a lot more of the other "ironman" coolangatta gold :lol:

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Looks like thats it for the live feed! Even with the drp outs, still an amazing experience to be able to watch the race live from home!


Awesome effort by everyone!










I have to say, the live feed for me was flawless. By reading some comments on here and 'Twits, seems like I was the only one :lol:

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Guest Mister Marsellus Wallace
Go the Aussie boys. :lol:  :lol:  :D


Read MMWs post.  2 points to make.


1. Looked very prescripted so you obviously believed Macca could win. ;)


2.  There's one very good reason Macca was telling everyone he would win this race. :D  :D







Well I wrote that with a 4 year old sitting on me lap off the top of my head and I think my efforts over time would illustrate I do fire from the cuff or whatever.


Personal differences notwithstanding I always thought he had the ability but I suppose the smack talk and the lack of humility didnt sit well with me. Having the abilty to do something and actually pulling it off are two different things.


Said enough about it anyway he deserved and has my congratulations and it probably means absolutlely f-k all to him and thats absolutlely OK with me, mister farkin nobody.

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