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Found 23 results

  1. I got my hands on the Zipp Vuka Alumina Evo extensions recently. They are a new take on the various "bends" available and are a super comfy option. More HERE
  2. Chasing black and white Zipp 808 (dimpled) Decals. cheers
  3. I got to have a play with the new Zipp Transition 1 bag for a few weeks. The standard is what you would expect from Zipp. Have a read here: http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=476
  4. Zipp have added some frame bags called Speed bags to their lineup, check out the review : http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=471
  5. Thanks to Zipp Australia here is the first of a trio of reviews on their new bag series, comprising a Transition bag, frame storage bags and the Zipp Connect wheel bag. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=452
  6. With thanks to Echelon Sports, the Australian Zipp Distributor I got an invite to an evening with Michael Hall, their Advanced Development Engineer from the US and had a few minutes with him to ask a few questions. Have a read HERE
  7. Hey all, My rear 808 makes a god awful racket of creaks when under power / out of the saddle. Initially thought it was the bb but totally silent with the disc at Busso and with trainer wheel on trainer. Is this an "issue" or something likely needing some grease? I'm pretty sparse for tools but could take the cassette off of needed. Maybe easier to take to lbs?
  8. Well, the Chinese have been back at it and this time with dimples. Would be interesting to see how these would fair. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dimple-surface-full-Carbon-fiber-Road-bike-TT-bicycle-wheels-58mm-Clincher-/121225860208?pt=US_Wheels_Wheelsets&hash=item1c399fd470
  9. ballinatri

    Zipp 808

    Selling my zipp wheels . Tubulars 808 4-years old. Great condition, used for 5 ironman races, 7 70.3 and 7 Olympic races. Other than that I have never trained on them. Comes with ultegra 10 speed cassette . Can post pictures next week if you pm your email address as I am in kona. Love these wheels but honestly am shit scared about having a puncture on them in a race as I don't feel confident changeling them. Decided to sell after kona as the next day after race rear wheel was dead flat. Tried to pump it but had a tear in the tyre . No probs during race and I can only assume that the gooey stuff that my bike shop worked. Really not sure how much they are worth but someone told me about $1500. Pretty sure I paid about $3000 with tyres and cassette . Willing to swap (and pay a reasonable cost difference ) but I really only want zipps.
  10. Hi folks have some race wheels for sale at present only available for pickup in Perth WA Happy to knock some $$$ off for Transitions member on the ebay stated prices - links are so people can see photos and read details Drop me a PM via forum board if you ened/want more details Zipp FireCrest 606 Tubular Wheelset (complete with tyres/cassette/skewers) Enve Powertap 6.7 Wheelset (complete with tyres/cassette/skewers) Zipp Disc / 808 combo (complete with tyres/cassette/skewers)
  11. Helping a friend sell (moving overseas): 2012 Giant Trinity Comp 1 (Womens small), full ultegra, including women's adamo saddle and stock wheels, tyres, cassette (Giant P-SL1). $1999 by itself. Zipp 404 Zed Tech wheels. $1999 by themselves OR Both for $3,500 Both are in excellent condition - race bike only, from my mate who never trained as much as she talked . She says less than 500km on them. Have seen the full setup and it looks impressive.
  12. Hey guys Thought Id come to the worldly knowledge base thats is trannies for some well knowledge. I have come across a good deal on some virtually unused Zipp 808's Shimano 10 speed and would like to purchase them. My only dilemma is I will be buying a new bike later in the year that will be more than likely 11 speed Di2. My question is this, is it a relatively easy thing to convert from shimano 10 speed to 11 speed? or should I just wait til I get the new bike and purchase some 11 speed race wheels with it? Cheers
  13. Hi, Im after a set of zipp 808s, either fircrest or Zedtech, prefer tubular. Im also after a front and rear 10speed Di2 Dura ace Derailluers. Im in Brisbane. Cheers.
  14. Looking to sell my Zipp Sub 9 rear disc wheel. Great condition. Only used a handful of times. Has Zipp Tangent tubular tyre on it in good condition that will come with it. $1200 ono Also have a 404 front that's been used once if anyone would like to make a race wheel set out of it. Or will sell separately. No idea how to do photos on this website so if interested DM me your phone number or email and I will send pictures to you
  15. Hi, Selling my set of race wheels. Under 200km total use (1 noosa, 1 husky, 2 training rides). Not getting enough use - injured last season. Very versatile setup. Disc cover easy to remove (though you do need to remove cassette). 2011 HED Jet 6 Front C2 2011 HED Jet 9 Rear C2 Wheelbuilder.com disc cover for rear Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX tyres with latex tubes Ultegra 11-23 cassette Pickup from Oatley NSW (near the Shire). price $1,250
  16. Hi all, I'm hitting up the busso 70.3 this weekend, my first go at that distance, and am looking for some tyre pressure recommendations. I'm racing on Zipp 808s with continental gatorskin sprinters fitted (tubulars). I've not raced the zipps or tubular tyres before, so not sure what works best. If you could explain the reasoning behind your suggestion that would also be appreciated for future reference. Thanks, John P
  17. looking for a mate for my disc wheel, prefer a newer wheel with the improved hubs, would look at a set if the price is right either PM or 0419944581 Cheers...Dave
  18. ddog


    For Sale: 2010 Zipp 1080 rear, 808 front tubular wheelset. Includes: dura ace cassete vittoria corsa evo cx singles (only used for IM melb). Zipp quick release skewers. Carbon brake pads if needed. Valve extenders. Good condition. Used for approx 4 x HIM, 1 x IM and half a dozen olympic/sprint races. Wheels are true. Will throw in a white Lazer Tardiz aero helmet if sold for close to asking price. Size Large. $1700 ONO.
  19. Zipp 808 tubular wheels in as new condition, raced 3 times, 400kms max. Dimpled non firecrest rims, with the silver 88/188. Because of the very low kms, the wheels looks like brand new, no marks or signs of use on the braking surface. Selling to go for something shallower for road races. Silver zipp skewers are included. Located in Red Hill, Brisbane but can ship. $1200.
  20. http://www.bikeexchange.com.au/adverts/preview/102179576-cervelo-cervelo-p3-ultegra-zipp-606
  21. romaing

    Zipp 606

    Hi there, Selling: Zipp 606 (404 front - 808 back) Tubular Almost new Continental GP4000 (200km) New Ultegra 11-25 Cassette (200km). Check out the ebay link for details: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261130782846#ht_500wt_1288 Contact me for details.
  22. One pair of Crocs listed under running shoes. A nice surprise for someone in T2 when they discover that they've mixed things up and their racing flats are in the bag they've left to pick up after the race? Or did someone seriously race in Crocs. http://ironman.com/events/ironman/worldchampionship/the-annual-gear-count-from-the-ironman-world-championship-presented-by-mylist#axzz29Ani1fTV
  23. Hi, I brought these wheels about a month ago, planning to put them onto a new bike. I ended up getting a bike that had some aero wheels already on it. The boss of finances says sell the wheels to make up for the bike. fair call. I'm looking for $2400 + postage. It will include the 2011 Firecrest Tubular version wheels. It has Continental GP4000 tyres on it and an Ultegra 12-25 casette. I'll also through in the Zipp cork brake pads. Replacement cost is well north of this so i hope someone sees it as a fair deal. Everything is as new, except the cassette has done approx. 2000k but everything still shifts fine. If you have any questions you can email me at s.young@live.com.au Thanks Sean
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