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Year of first Tri race?

Found 6 results

  1. FFF1077

    Park Run

    Hello I know it's for fun, and I apologise for asking on such an elite forum.... *sarcasm But If my daughter was to want her own finish time for parkrun, will she need her own registration and therefore email address? Thanks from an unwashed fun running Dad.... Cheers folks 😁😁
  2. Ex-Hasbeen

    Military Coup in Turkey

    Anybody planning a trip to this part of Europe in the near future. A very good friend of my daughter was to be heading over there next week. WTF is going on over there? What has led to this? Why?
  3. Why would anyone want one, build one or ride one? Well if you can think of a reason and you have a US$1M spare you can get one! http://reviews.mtbr.com/24k-gold-extreme-mountain-bike-on-sale-for-1-million and just in time for Christmas too!
  4. So Im a big fan of a particular Australian cycling product. I buy them and think they are good. Their Australian distributor seems to be clueless (cant even spell the product name correctly on their website) and is over $100 dearer across the board for the same product I can get online OS. Why? ..... well actually Ive been provided with 'an answer' to that, but it involves logistical issues that are nothing to do with marketing, which is how/why a lot of people buy stuff. Bottom line is people wont buy something even if it is Aussie if they have to fork out waaay more dollars for it. The distributor wont price match. Pity.
  5. Quack

    Petrol $157.9

    Went to fill up in Sydney today - $157.9 - E10 Did I miss some international incident or something? I hate them.
  6. Cam 22 minutes behind the winner? It was hot and Humid. Similar to Kona. Close in the women's. Philippines 70.3 Pro Women's Final: GRANGER, BELINDA :27:40 02:22:54 01:32:15 04:26:03 STEVENS, AMANDA :24:56 02:23:19 01:37:24 04:28:34