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Year of first Tri race?

Found 2 results

  1. Alright trannies, I have a few huge specials that are only being advertised here. Obviously RunWith site isn't up and I'm using the other companies site I own... RunWith should be with us very shortly (although wouldn't ever feature a deal like this!) First up - New Balance Zante V3 - $169 $84 (50% off) Click here for New Balance Huma Gel Strawberries - $99 $45/box 24 PLUS buy a box of strawberries and get any other flavours for $58 (40% or more off!) CLICK HERE FOR HUMA Please feel free to give me a bell about anything else you might need! I've helped a lot of trannies out and happy to help a few more.
  2. A friend of mine is having a competition to guess how many calories he will burn at Port this weekend. So I am asking you experts.... How many calories do you think he will burn? He is planning to be under 11 hours. He weighs 83 kgs. He has given this little bit of info – though I know nothing about how this test is done: “As a guide - According to a scan I had recently, for my weight, my BMI, my muscle mass, on a day when I sit on the couch and do zero, I'm to consume 1812 calories to maintain homeostasis. If on a training day I smash out 110kms on the bike in 3 1/2 hours, I'm to consume 3444 calories”
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