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Year of first Tri race?

Found 10 results

  1. Naut

    Melbourne Marathon

    So work are funding Melb Marathon #6 for me. Underdone, but not the worst condition I will have toed the start line in. Anyone else in?
  2. Tomsey

    QTS RND 7 Raby Bay

    Wife thought it would be a good idea if raced this weekend! Anyone else attending?
  3. hacq1

    Sunny Coast 70.3 AG field

    i'll be there, hoping to redeem myself after the disgraceful effort at Challlenge.
  4. Naut

    Great Ocean Road Marathon

    Anyone else doing the GORM this year? I won an entry while trying to enter another competition to win free beer. Weather looks pretty good.
  5. truck


    6 weeks today, all the qualifiers done and dusted I think so who's in and how's the training going? Second time around for me, intending to race with a bit less caution this time and to enjoy it more. Training's been going well although way too much travel for work has been a bit disruptive and there's a fair bit more coming up before I fly out. Hitting and exceeding targets across all three disciplines suggests the training is working though and have the Sunshine Coast 70.3 in a couple of weeks to see how it all fits together. Have incorporated a triple run day over the last couple of months this time around which has been interesting - built up to 36k done today made up on 21k easy first thing, 45 mins middle of the day incorporating 4x5mins @ 4min/k pace+1min walk, 30 mins end of the day incorporating 8x30sec hill repeats. Legs seem to cope with it better than one big hit out. 5.5hr ride with some efforts tomorrow, 7k run off it quick plus another 6k easy at the end of the day. New bike (P5) and new fit (retul) since Melbourne - signficant move forward in position and hip angle has opened up materially which should aid the run. Also found I'm putting out additional power for the same RPE I can't believe how comfortable being on the aerobars is on that bike - combination of the pads they use plus ski bars plus moving forward I think. Flying out two weeks ahead of the race for some acclimatisation and can't wait!
  6. AP

    Compression socks for Port

    I'll be wearing my compression socks for Port - I have been doing most of my training runs in them and one week out I am running well with no niggles or injuries Thanks Rudi from Compressport - great product - great look
  7. KAM


    Well the next EMO race is on this weekend. One of my favourites even though I've never had a great race there, but the sleepy little town is a lovely part of the world! So who's in? I'm in for the Club distance.
  8. Lostkiwi

    Bribie Island championship.

    I'm in. Anybody doing this for a world champs warm up or is it too close? Looking forward to it.
  9. joelb3108

    Port Macquarie 70.3

    Doesn't seem to be too popular a race so far. Could be the late announcement and the timing with Busso IM. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it and hoping for a decent race. Taking the family up for a weeks holiday at Port Stephens afterwads too. Swim - 36.00 (Far from my strength but training well atm) Bike - 2.30 (might be ambitious) Run - 1.35 4.41 Could all be a bit ambitious, but you've gotta aim high! Its all going to be in the execution and my bike may be a bit slower to save my legs for the tough run.