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Year of first Tri race?

Found 3 results

  1. So, having done an 8 week Half Ironman Build phase program on TrainerRoad leading into Cairns 70.3 - which thought brilliant I am now about to start my next block of training. Initially I was going to go straight into a 12 week Ironman build phase on TrainerRoad but the thing holding me back is the long indoor rides sending me insane. I've done up to 2.5 hours watching Netflix as I go and up to 1.5hrs of intervals whilst watching ironman motivational videos on u-tube but I'm not sure I can put myself through that again without some other type of audio-visual stimulation. so I've a weeks free trial on Zwift. I'm not fully conversant with its features but I like the virtual cycling world environment and I note that it also has training plans - but perhaps not as good as TrainerRoad. I was wondering whether I could run both programs simultaneously - I.e. Cycle around in Zwift whilst going a TrainerRoad workout. Is that even feasible - or would the Bluetooth pairing send my Kickr insane? Another option - especially for the longer rides for my TrainerRoad program is to use FullGaz. Again, can I do that simultaneously with both programs through my Kickr. Tranny suggestions would be appreciated. cheers A
  2. A group of us are keen to take a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon (landing in canyon for a meal and including fly over of the strip, hoover dam etc) while in Vegas. There seem to be a few companies with varied costs etc. Do you have any recommendations (or warnings) about which company to go for, why, why not etc???
  3. ironpo

    26 or 29er MTB

    hi im looking at getting a new MTB hard tail to do the triple tri on as a complete MTB novice can anyone give me the pros and cons of each bike ? the traditional 26 er or the 29 er i can get a V good deal on a similar specked bike (although i will pay $400 less on the 26) has anyone had a 26 then gone to a 29 and felt it to be better or worse or the same? im 63 kg and 168cm tall, from what im reading the 29ers are more suited to a taller rider but do roll over the bumps a little better with the larger wheel diameter any info would be handy thanks IP
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