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Year of first Tri race?

Found 22 results

  1. Bought in 2010 or thereabouts but only worn half a dozen times before I upgraded and has been sitting in a cupboard ever since. Excellent condition, no nicks or scratches. Ideal first wetsuit or for training. Sizing as below. $75 ONO, postage at cost.
  2. Two men's wetsuits for sale , one never worn and still with tags, one worn once. Selling at deep discount. ONE 2XU ST:3 sleeveless men's XXL wetsuit, never worn, still with tags, bought earlier this year, perfect condition, still in box with wrapping and with tags still on. Retail $490. 2XU size chart says fits 180cm - 210cm height, 105 -120 kg. Selling for $220. ONE Zone 3 Venture full wetsuit with sleeves. Worn once, pristine condition, current model, worn once for a kilometre of open water swimming and treated and stored with great care. Retail $210, Zone 3 size guide says fits 183 - 196 cm height, 92 - 100 kg weight. Selling 30% off for $150. Or selling both for $350. Prefer cash and pickup only, Moonee Ponds area, Melbourne. These are an absolute bargain!
  3. Here's my problem. As I've stated here numerous times, I'm an ordinary swimmer. I have no dramas swimming long distance, I just take my time about it. My wife is not a great swimmer, but is a fair bit better than me. In a recent 3km event here I swam a 59.27 and she swam 52.48. Now when I put a wetsuit on, my times improve a fair bit. I go from a 34 minute 1500 to a 30 minute. Trouble is, when my wife puts hers on, she goes backwards. We did a 1600m ocean swim yesterday and I swam past her at about the 1000m mark and just kept going. I finished about a minute in front of her. Needless to say, I copped a spray for swimming "too fast" and "cheating" and "not training". So I'm looking for answers. I think she's in the wrong type of wetsuit. She's wearing an Orca Alpha long sleeve and she complains that she always feels like a cork bobbing around. There was a bit of surface chop yesterday and she also had to breathe to her wrong side to avoid copping it in the face. Is there a wetsuit style that doesn't have as much buoyancy? My Orca 3.8 has amazing buoyancy from the thighs to the diaphragm which is perfect for me but she obviously needs much less. Sorry for the long post, just trying to preserve my sanity.
  4. What are people using to prevent wet suit chafing? I have tried Elastoplast tape around the back of my neck but it rolled up and didn't work. It seems to be worse in salt water and after every race its looks like I have tried to hang myself over the weekend.
  5. On the back of Trinube's wetsuit review just wondering who wears which and why?
  6. Trinube, has taken the Rocket Science Aqua Sense wetsuit for a splash, read his review here: http://www.transitions.org.au/showarticle.php?cid=132&p=3
  7. Hey guys, what's on the shopping list for the new season and/ or Christmas coming up? I will use this list to try and harass some suppliers to get some info and hopefully some gear to test and review which I hope some of you can help me with. So what's on the wish list?
  8. As new Orca Men's S3 wetsuit for sale. Worn just 4 times, immaculate condition. Size 8. Orca size guide chest 104-108 cm, height 180-188cm, weight 82-89 kg. $120.
  9. Hey Guys Getting rid of some old tri gear of mine For sale: 2 x Blue Helix wet suit $130 each 405 Garmin forerunner $150 Spiuk aero helmet $90 SIDI tri shoes $150 Oakley radars $60 For further details/pictures please feel free to inbox me or give us a buzz on 0431283481 Cheers Shauno
  10. Hi Everyone, first post here. I only started training a couple of weeks ago for my first sprint triathlon. I'm on the hunt for a wetsuit (entry level as I don't want to spend big bucks on one - yet). Less than $200. What do you think of the three options below? 1) Orca TRN 2014 http://www.bikeexchange.com.au/bike_accessories/orca/accessories-wetsuits/trn/perth-east-victoria-park/wa/102280704 2) Dare to tri http://aus.dare2tri.com/product/dare2tri-wetsuit/ 3) 2xu (this one's a bit more expensive then the two above, so I think I'll give it a miss unless someone points out a big plus with this one) http://2xuoutlet.com.au/mens/wet-suits/r-1-race-wetsuit-mw1828c.html Today, for the first time ever, I swam 950 meters. 23 minutes. This would give you an idea what kind of swimmer I currently am (average lol). any suggestions? thanks
  11. Hey everyone I'm moving and clearing out some unneeded bits and pieces. Pick up Sydney Eastern suburbs. Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit, 2010 model I think. Size large, used but still in good condition $50 Shimano RD26 bike shoes - used still in good condition - no cleats. $15 Fuel Belt - Used twice - size unknown - $10 Clothes - all in one bundle. Total of $15 - Sportful white leg warmers, hardly used. - Orca Trisuit - Large - 2XU trishort - large - no string - Netti fleeced gillet - XL - Arm warmers - XL - new with tags f g d k
  12. Hi Trannies, Does anyone know if the Orca Alpha 1.5 is the replacement for the Orca Alpha? I've had my alpha for 3 years and its time to get a new one but cannot find anything other than the 2011 Alpha or this Alpha 1.5. Cheers
  13. Just thought Id share with you now that I tested out the suit this morning How much faster am I when doing a 400 and 200 TT ? To calculate my CSS and predict my swim time to the nearest min or so next weekend. I swim with Paul at Swimsmooth and I did the straight swim a few weeks back..we usually do them every 6months or so. New HUUB 3.5 Archimedes Vs Straight Swim 400TT 5:52 Vs 6:45 200TT 2:55 Vs 3:17 Yes I was surprised Anyone else tested this? LB
  14. Hi guys, Couple of bits and pieces up for grabs: ==> Blue Seventy Reaction sleeveless wetsuit. Purchased in 2009 at Noosa Tri, Have used about 10 times since in races. Good condition, no cuts, not far off new condition really. Size Medium, I'm about 6 foot, 78kg - fits me perfectly. Ideally looking around $120, make me an offer. ==> Profile design rear drink cage - round seat post mounts. 4 years old - as new condition I guess - I didn't use it a lot as I went overseas, and haven't used for last 2.5 years. New ones on Wiggle are $55, I'll sell for $30. ==> Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch. I bought this on the way to Huski tri a few weeks back, as I left my watch in Sydney. Paid $160, will sell for $120. Only worn in 1 race. Has all bits and pieces, however don't believe it came in a box. Only selling as I am happy with my other watch. Colour is green. http://garmin.blogs.com/australia/2012/08/garmin-makes-training-easier-with-the-forerunner-10.html I live in Queenscliff, NSW. Pickup ideal. Text me on 0412154193. Cheers, Rob
  15. FS: Men's Orca 3.8 wetsuit size 7 (will fit someone between 173-185cm and 75-82kg). Overall in pretty good condition, has a couple of nail marks / superficial cuts. They currently retail for $650, you can find some new ones on Ebay for about $500 + postage, I'm asking $300 but will sell for $250 for any tranny members. You're welcome to come and check it out / take it for a swim if you like (I'm on the Northern Beaches of Sydney). Any questions feel free to get in touch otherwise it will go to Ebay over the weekend Rog
  16. Firstly, apologies if this has been covered already - but i couldn't see a thread. I understand that the decision about wetsuits will be made the day or so prior to the start based on water temp, what i am wondering is if it is likely / remote based on previous years and current local conditions? The reason is travelling up on the plane (from Melbourne) with the family, we'll be lugging enough crap and i don't want to bring the wettie for no reason. Second part of the qn - does anybody know of wettie hire availability up there?? Thanks
  17. Given my fast approaching relocation I am slowly clearing out the garage and selling some of my tri gear. Please find links to the items: http://www.ebay.com....984.m1555.l2649 http://www.ebay.com....984.m1555.l2649 http://www.ebay.com....984.m1555.l2649 Any questions please send me a PM. Thx PM
  18. Hi Guys, Jo here from 2XU. I just wanted to reach out and let you all know about our MASSIVE OUTLET TRI SALE we have just launched. With up to 90% off, it’s the perfect way to kick start your season. This is our best outlet sale yet with Trisuits from $10, Wetsuits from $175, Tri Top & Bottoms from $10. Check it out- http://2xuoutlet.com.au/just-in.html/filter/sport/triathlon Happy shopping and good luck with the season! Jo
  19. need to clean out brand new never worn womens K-Swiss Blade Light, size 8 1/2 (silver/charcoal/aqua) - $ 40.00 delivered polar RS 300X with footpod, batteries empty - $ 60.00 delivered Newtons Stability trainer womens size 10 - done maybe 20km - $ 50.00 delivered Rocket Science Sports wetsuit womens medium - worn twice as I had forgotten my wettie for IM WA - has one fingernail-rip on an arm - $ 150.00 delivered Gaerne bike shoes white womens size 40 (more like a 39, they're a tad too small for me) worn for only a few rides, no cleats - $ 30.00 delivered located Melbourne Bayside
  20. I have used Aquaseal for minor wetsuit repairs (fingernail holes, small tears) and it's very good. Shop today recommended that Seal Cement would be better for wetsuit repair. (both made by same company) Anybody have any experience with both or with Seal Cement and advice as to which is better?
  21. Hi Trannies, Benn thinking about what looks like a significant investment. A new wetsuit. I have swum in an Orca Alpha for the last 3 years and it's at the end of its life. Im 6'6 and swim a 23 - 25 min OLY dist swim. I keep reading that the freak of nature is the best thing since sliced bread and was wondering if anyone has had any experience using it.
  22. Just found this while browsing the WTC FAQs I wasn't aware you "could" wear a wetsuit in a WTC race to the water temp of 28.8c. Though you aren't eligible for awards or qualification to world champs, also you would probably cook, but was surprised to read it. Does TA rules apply to Ironman Aus and Ironman WA, now Melbourne or does TA have nothing to do with Ironman? "Wetsuits are permitted if the water temperature is up to (and including) 76.1 degrees Fahrenheit (24.5 degrees Celsius) or colder. Wetsuits will be prohibited in water temperatures greater than 83.8 degrees Fahrenheit (28.8 degrees Celsius). Athletes who choose to wear a wetsuit in water temperatures between 76.1 degrees Fahrenheit (24.5 degrees Celsius) and 83.8 degrees Fahrenheit (28.8 degrees Celsius)will not be eligible for awards, including World Championship slots."
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