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Year of first Tri race?

Found 2 results

  1. Triathlete Courtney Atkinson has filmed a Red Bull documentary about running Australia's eight best trails in one week. Could be an interesting watch when it is released in a few days. http://www.executivestyle.com.au/this-is-what-it-takes-to-become-a-professional-endurance-runner-h1aasn
  2. As a result of a few events changing dates etc, I now have a free weekend coming up and there's an event on that I wouldn't mind doing. http://www.nedkellychase.com.au/ For starters, has anyone done it, or is anyone doing it this year? I'm definitely not an Ultra Runner, but doing a 100km run has been a bit of a bucket list event of mine for a few years now and the stars have finally aligned that I can actually get to this one this weekend. The Cons: > I'm feeling old (I'm the wrong side of 50) and my body is feeling worn and tired. I have a sight 'niggle' in one of my knees and my hip and sciatic issues mean that my left leg feels a bit numb a lot of the time. > I haven't done anywhere near enough training or long runs to be able to run an Ultra. > I don't want to destroy myself and not be able to other goal events later in the season. The Pros: > I'm feeling old, but I'm unlikely to start feeling younger anytime soon. The earlier I do this, the better. > I haven't done a lot of training, but have probably averaged 30 - 40k's per week for a couple of years. > It's reasonably close to home, reasonably cheap, and there are no expectations on me so am prepared to pull out if and when I start to fall apart. The bottom line... I don't really expect to be able to do this but wouldn't mind giving it a go. If nothing else it will be a bit of a learning experience and might help me decide if I should later have a go at a challenging event like the NF100. Common sense would say don't do it, but I hardly ever listen to common sense. Any thoughts or tips would be good.
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