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Year of first Tri race?

Found 8 results

  1. So I'm running 25 mm tyres on my roadie. I have also recently been on two very different test bikes recently and I tried my 25mm tyres on both of them and they made a huge difference to the feel of the ride. So apart from availability being a bit sketchy and maybe some frames being a bit tight, is there an argument against 25 mm tyres? FYI Im running Michelin Pro4 Service Course 25mm.
  2. Hi guys First time in years I am racing on clinchers instead of tubbies at Port Mac and I am interested to see which tyres (brand and widths) you'll be using up there and Why? I was looking to jump on some S works turbo cotton 24's but they seem rarer than hens teeth at the moment. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
  3. Wheelsets SOLD Mavic Open Pros, laced 36, 700c, alloy, Chris King R45 hubs, 11 speed compatible, approx 5000 km $300 DT Swiss 2.0, 700c, alloy, 10 speed, approx 500 km $100 Single Wheels Vera Corsa, 700c, alloy, 10 speed $100 Saddles Specialized, toupe+ 143mm, near new $80 Specialized, toupe rbx, expert, 155m, slightly used $80 Shoes Specialized S-Works XC, size 43, 1 year old, used, fair to good condition $150 PM me for photos, everything is well taken care of We are located in Springwood, can bring to club races (Hills) or EE events (Orange, Husky), we can also post at buyers cost, but we only have one wheel box.
  4. Hi all, I'm hitting up the busso 70.3 this weekend, my first go at that distance, and am looking for some tyre pressure recommendations. I'm racing on Zipp 808s with continental gatorskin sprinters fitted (tubulars). I've not raced the zipps or tubular tyres before, so not sure what works best. If you could explain the reasoning behind your suggestion that would also be appreciated for future reference. Thanks, John P
  5. about an hour ago near Sydney For Sale, used about -10-12 times FastForward F9R Tubular Race wheels. These are the upgraded ones with the DT Swiss 240 Hubs, not the standard. These are being sold with Vittoria Corsa Evo CX Tubular Tyre x 5 ($73.46 Wiggle each if new) all glued and a pair of SwissStop Pro Yellow carbon brake pads used once ($52.28 Wiggle) and a Fast Forward Wheel bag ($80). The total Wiggle price of all of this would be in excess of $2100. These can be yours for $1350 - all in fantastic condition Reason for selling is I have a similar FFWD wheelset in clinchers and due to injury, won't be racing for a while. I only every raced with these wheels and rode them pre-race in Centennial Park. These came new on my E118 just over a year ago from Bike Bug in North Sydney. Please email graham@athlete-lab.com for more info or call 0420 603073. Will take some pics shortly. but here's the wiggle link http://www.wiggle.com.au/fast-forward-f9r-carbon-tubular-24039s-wheelset/?utm_source=pla&utm_medium=base&utm_campaign=au
  6. I need some help with getting some new tubulars. I want to get two new tyres for my Zipps, but I need to make sure I get the ones that have the removable nipple, so I can add the valve extension. I know I can buy those extensions that go over the nipple, but I've had nothing but trouble with the ones I currently have! At two races now, I haven't been able to pump up my tyres, as the valve has closed. EVEN after I got the bike shop to install the tyres properly (they used plumbers tape to stop them from closing - didn't work). Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  7. Thinking of commuting to work this Spring/Summer, about 35km each way on road and path mainly. With a new bike arriving soon (but not soon enough) I thought I'd use the old one to commute. How wide can I go with he tyres? 28mm? Mainly wanting to go a bit wider for a bit more durabilty in hitting driveways etc at speed. How low can the pressure go for comfort without causing problems like pinch flats? Thanks.
  8. Think a few people around here use these tyres, got an e-mail from Cell, one day sale for $40.00 ( link below ) http://www.cellbikes.com.au/Michelin-PRO3-Race-700x23C?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Fri-26-August-2011&utm_campaign=Weekly%2BEmail%2BCampaign
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