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Year of first Tri race?

Found 6 results

  1. For those that have a disc wheel, and those that have chosen to shun the disc, what are the pros and cons of using one in an ironman How much time value is placed on use of a disc? What if it is very windy, best to leave the disc at home? Do you need to practice on it, or is handling pretty much the same? I have used Zipp 808 rear, but now have FFwd 65mm. I have only ever used clinchers. Flat tyres are my greatest fear, previously having had 5 flats in a single race, Challenge Wanaka. What is the risk of a flatting with tubulars? Would a bit of Pittstop generally have you back on your way without drama? Changing the tyre notoriously having driven grown men (of German origin) to tears For the risk averse, would I be better sticking with clinchers? I am looking at possible purchase of a 2012 Zipp 900 disc. Rarely used, $900. Next race is ironman Melbourne. Should I do it, or forget it?
  2. looking for a mate for my disc wheel, prefer a newer wheel with the improved hubs, would look at a set if the price is right either PM or 0419944581 Cheers...Dave
  3. Hey Guys and girls, I've had my TT bike, Trinity advanced SL0 for a couple of years now. It came stock with Vittoria crono evo cs tyres. Since then new models have come out with Vittoria Triathlon tubulars. From what I can see the main difference is the inner on the crono they are Latex and hence deflate overnight to some extent the Triathlons are butyl. Which supposedly hold pressure better. Im after a pure race tyre. But no point in it being fast if I cant get through a race due to it being $hit house on puncture protection. Has anyone had experience with either of these two tyres or would you recommend another selection and if so for what reasons? cheers Clydesdale
  4. Looking to get a new pair of tubular for my fast forward F6R. what are the pos and cons to get the 700x21 ? I limited my options to Zipp tangente or Vittoria Corsa CX BTW this if for the Melbourne IM Cheers,
  5. The Wheel :All-carbon 52mm deep aero rim (tubuar) that is connected to a PowerTap SL+ hub via internal brass spoke nipples and 20 bladed stainless steel (aero) spokes. The hub flanges were drilled to Mavic's specs, and it features Mavic's Isopulse spoke pattern -- radial on the drive side and cross-one on the non-drive. The Power meter: The PowerTap SL+ rear hub uses the ANT+ Sport 2.4Ghz signal. This frequency range is compatible with the PowerTap head unit, but also any other computer that receives ANT+ Sport signals. The cassette body Shimano/SRAM compatible. The Mavic Cosmic Carbone Pro PowerTap Tubular Rear Wheel comes with a complete PowerTap SL+ kit. That means you get: the PowerTap 2.4 head unit heart rate monitor strap USB download cable instruction manual PowerAgent software CD. In other words, it's absolutely everything you need to train with power. a set of Mavic-branded SwissStop brake pads 2 pairs very lightly used Mavic BR601 titanium-shafted quick release valve extender Wheel bag. Also thrown in a brand new Vittoria Corsa Evo CX Tubular tire with valve extender valued at 90$ Disc cover by Wheel builder included I have this since August rode less than 300 km on it. Also throwing in a wheel builder aerojacket (disc cover) and Vittoria Evo corsa Tubular tire 1100$ plus shipping although pick up preferred as worry about handling by Oz Post. I am based in Sydneys east.
  6. It has been way to long since we have had a massive all in brawl regarding Tubular and Clincher tires... So I just wanted to know if anyone made the change from Clinchers to Tubular and then gone back to Clinchers. I am think about getting some race wheels (for bike races with hills as well as Triathlon) and I like the idea of 1400g 60mm rims at a "reasonable" price over 1700g Clinchers for the same price. I know the tubbies will need more expensive tires, and I will need to use glue and possibly carry a whole other tire as a spare (which partially negates the weight saving I guess) or use a CO2 with goop in it though I am not sure if this is reliable. With all these "hassles" I was just wondering if anyone moved from Clinchers to Tubbies and then got fed up and went back to clinchers due to the practicalities of tubulars out weighing the benefits(less weight, no pinch flats, better ride/handling). Or once you go tubular do you never go back?
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