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Year of first Tri race?

Found 2 results

  1. Anyone have a HED 3 clincher front wheel in good condition they are no longer using or willing to part with? Send me a PM with asking price. Traffic
  2. The last few time trials young Derny Drafter has done using fluro / diamonds ancient disc have been quite fast, he is improving a lot. I spotted a newish Pro-Lite Padova on BNA at a good price, it arrived by courier the day before we went to Tasmania, and in the tour there we used the new rear disc and a front SRAM 60 and he set a very creditable time over 20km. Now Im starting to think about maybe keeping my eyes open for a front wheel for time trialling but Im not sure what would be best. The normal usgae would be on an undulating course with maybe one small hill and some slight ups and downs, over a distance of somewhere between 20km and 40km. Its never a perfect dead flat course. A mate has a front 1080 and a HED trispoke which we could borrow, but Im thinking an 808 would probably be ideal. Not sure I can justify spending $500 or more on a second hand 808 when the SRAM 60 is probably pretty close to being good enough for the front. This is for short fast time trials at an average of around 44kph on undulating roughish roads. Cycling, not triathlon. What do the experts think is the best front wheel for this sort of race? PS Diamonds I will drop the disc back, it has been fantastic, and thanks for the loan.