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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. Hello again! Just wanted to let everyone know about another triathlon series we manage! Triathlon Pink is an all-female triathlon series (sorry boys!) with events held around the country. Triathlon Pink is more of an introductory triathlon as it features a pool swim and shorter distances, so if you have any friends who have been a bit reluctant to join the triathlon community, this is a great way to get them started! As of last season, Triathlon Pink has raised over $1 MILLION for the National Breast Cancer Foundation! We are so very proud of this accomplishment and are looking forward to continuing our fundraising this year. Boys, you can join us for Fun Run Pink, which offers a 1km, 2.5km, or 5km run for men and women of all ages! Join us for Triathlon Pink or Fun Run Pink at an event near you! 28/09/13 – Sydney 27/10/13 – Gold Coast 03/11/13 – Perth 24/11/13 – Sunshine Coast 01/12/13 – Adelaide (TBC) 18/01/14 – Brisbane 26/01/14 – Melbourne 16/03/14 – Parramatta For more information, please visit www.triathlonpink.com.au! Follow us on Facebook at Team Pinkie!
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