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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. Flanman

    Tour de Cure

    Last year I completed in my work’s inaugural “Tour 200” Tour de Cure ride. We were hoping to raise $500K for cancer research and education. More than 50% of the cyclists were in fact equal to or less than weekend warriors. A handful had only started riding a few months earlier. Well, after all the donations were countered, we hit just over $1.1M. A fantastic effort from everyone, including Trannies who supported me. It was remiss of me not to provide a ride report – I apologise. It was a tough three days – the first being an absolute nightmare. We started in pleasant conditions but then got hit with torrential rain, wind and hills (some @ 16% gradient). We had to stop a couple of times due to the danger – roads flooded, unable to see more than 50 metres ahead. Notwithstanding we got through it and the rest of the three days. 350 kms in three days. Some fantastic footage here, especially days two and three: (password is “Westpac”). https://vimeo.com/206816220 https://vimeo.com/207079504 https://vimeo.com/207402374 So it’s now 2018 and we are off again in little under three weeks. The distance is about the same (350 kms) but the route has changed. We have multiple pelotons going from Sydney to Port Stephens via the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley (1 - 3 March). The second wave of pelotons is doing the return journey (4 - 6 March). I am doing the return journey. Most people have been touched someway by cancer – you, your friends, your family. It is pretty gut wrenching so doing something about it is important. Tour de Cure fundraising goes towards cancer research, cancer support projects and cancer prevention projects. We have seen great work done by the Tour de Cure researchers with 21 breakthroughs over the years, funded directly by people like you. For those who would like to sponsor me, you can log on here and make a tax deductible donation under the name of Michael Flanagan. https://tourdecure.com.au/profile/?memberId=76140&tourId=1011 As with all rides of this nature, I have stumped up the 1st $500 to get the ball rolling. Now it’s training for me but the donations are over to you. Thanks all Mick PS: I may have another Trannie accompanying me as part of a corporate sponsorship. I hope he goes OK this week in Husky and has a few "pints" down there .