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Year of first Tri race?

Found 3 results

  1. roxii

    SPAM Accounts

    Hi guys thanks for the many heads up on the spam accounts. There were a few accounts locked as pending needing manual approval, one or two I knew were fair dinkum accounts, some others may also be sneaky spam accounts as they appear with "real names" and apparently real email accounts attached. Anyway thanks again and we may get one or two more till I weed out the real from fake accounts over the next few days. Happy Bathurst-day.
  2. roxii

    Website update.

    Hey guys, Just a quick update on the website goings on. Firstly I'd like to just say thanks for all the clicks, words of encouragement, offers of help and support and offers to test gear as well. Id have to say Im pretty pleased with the "traffic" that the site seems to be getting for the new kid on the block and for that again thanks. The hardest part is getting a foot in the door of many of the players in the sport, be they suppliers, distributors, athletes etc, but I think we are slowly being taken a bit more seriously. If you have clicked over there you will see that I now have access to the press releases from ITU, Ironman and Challenge who have all been very helpful. While I don't really intend for the site to become a news site as such, I think there are a few reasons for doing this, one is to keep the site ticking over, some of it is good and informative and often people look for, or link to this sort of stuff so while ever there are people reading it I'd rather it be on Transitions than elsewhere. If you have any good ideas for stories or people or products (and especially if you have contacts) Im all ears. Again thanks and I hope the more it moves along the more we can all be involved with testing etc. Interviewing Crowie tomorrow so look for that story soon! Cheers and thanks again. Roxii
  3. So Budget double-booked the 8-seater that I had 'booked' for 1st December to 10th December, and the alternative that they found turns out to have sold out too. I'll go looking again now, but on the off chance, does anyone know of a place with availability 1st Dec - 10th Dec, pick up and drop off at Perth airport, for 4 adults/2 kids/2 bike/cases? Thanks, Paul
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