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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. What fans are people using for their indoor training? I am really struggling with the heat/humidity in Brisbane at the moment and not sure if the current set up is just not cutting it. or maybe given the recent temperatures, no fan will do anything and I'd need to get aircon which is not a preferred option. Also, as my paincave aka 'corner of the kids rumpus' evolves, I am hoping that I can reduce the size/footprint of the fans while having better or similar airflow.. Currently use one of these in front of me next to tv screen, probably 1.2m away from me. this thing sounds like a 747 and pushes a lot of air but isnt a very focused breeze so a lot of it goes around me I think. I also have a smaller box fan that i have beside me probably about 1 metre away that seems to shoot a more focused wind but not as much of it. I know the experts recommend the sunair fans which look small but seem to shoot air to a more focused area but unfortunately they seem harder to find than a real unicorn.. Maybe I just need to suck it up and get through the 'heatwave' (but what if it is global warming) or just get outside and do my hill repeats in real life?
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