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Year of first Tri race?

Found 5 results

  1. I'm currently having some issues with power drops when I'm doing Sufferfest workouts on my Gen 1 KickR trainer. Signal is getting transmitted on Ant+ through dongle plugged into USB extension to MacBook. Software is all up to date and Sufferfest have sent me a new unreleased version of their app to try and fix the problem (it hasn't). My question is whether it's possible to get power drops because the dongle and/or USB extension cord get a bug/problem. I think they are ok because HR and cadence don't get the same issue but how would I test them to be sure? . I keep coming back to the App as the problem but nothing seems to be fixing it so now clutching at straws. It's driving me mad! Any suggestions?
  2. "Pippen's" Sufferfest is attracting some US Pro triathletes for next weekends race. Read more HERE
  3. Ozzybuds has reviewed another suffefest video for us "ISLAGIATT" Read it here. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=191
  4. Bored@Work organised a few test samples for Sufferfest. One taker was Peter who has given us his feedback here. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=187
  5. So Bored@work was working the crowd at the TDU last week and managed to get hold of the guys from Sufferfest. They gave him a few complimentary codes to enable a download of two free videos (bike or treadmill) so we can review them. Anyone interested?? Ideally someone (A) who does a bit of indoor training (B.) is maybe in the market for this sort of thing or has used similar previously (C.) can give an unbiased review and write a few legible words on it.
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