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Year of first Tri race?

Found 6 results

  1. Sorry - I know this topic come up all the time but I need to help someone out who is helping someone out... Anyway I need a recommendation for a power meter - not for me. Good price Good function Must be able to source before Xmas New Stages seem to be the simplest and most popular, but is a one sided solution OK? What about the new pedal meters? - Assiomas seem popular but can I get them in Aus at short notice - I must admit I just can't get over the fact that pedals are subject to so much hits and scrapes, mud, dirt and water that something as delicate as a power meter really belongs there, but I have zero experience and happy to be proved wrong. I don't know the crank, set crank length or wheels so it seems that pedals would be more universal if I can't get all the info? Once again, apologies. I know all the information is buried away across multiple topics but I really wanted more "I have X, and they are great!" and I have Y and it is sh1t" type anecdotes and a bit of buying guide info. Thanks, P.
  2. Is anyone using the new Stages power meter? Good/Bad/Ugly? I'm looking to get started with left side only then maybe upgrade to dual sided at a later date. I know this will cost me more in the long run but it is what it is. Does anyone swap crank arms regularly? I would install on my tri bike which I do most of my training/riding on but would like the option to swap to my road bike Any advice would be great
  3. roxii

    Stages Android App

    Saw this on Bike rumour yesterday. http://www.bikerumor.com/2014/07/07/stages-cycling-introduces-new-power-app-for-android/
  4. The guys at FE Sports (wahoo, stages, garmin, bonk breaker) have me on their email list now so I though Id pass on some info for those not on FB. Hopefully they will get us some of the new toys to test soon. Stages have a battery install instructional video, while it is simple its also worth watching so you get plenty of hours of trouble free use. The video is available for your viewing pleasure at http://vimeo.com/98771033 **NEW** Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor with Bluetooth & ANT+ This item has now been launched in the US and we expect to have stock in the next 7 days. The pricing should be similar to the old RPM Cadence Sensor and visually looks identical. The difference being that it is now dual band with both Bluetooth and ANT+ so it will work with all Garmin units and iOS and Android devices. http://www.bicycleretailer.com/new-products/2014/06/23/wahoo-fitness-rpm-cadence-sensor-adds-greater-versatility#.U6ip4Ba-1Fw
  5. Almost have enough money for a power meter so I thought I would start sussing out the used market, does anyone have a power meter kicking around they are looking to offload? Cheers
  6. Hi I'm looking at buying a stages PM for a friend who has DA 7800 cranks Stages don't do a 7800 crank arm so will a 105 crank arm (which looks like the same colour) fit onto the DA 7800 drive axle Or will I have to buy the 7900 DA arm which is a totally different colour ? if so Will the DA 7900 crank arm fit onto the da 7800 drive axle Cheers Ip
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