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Year of first Tri race?

Found 2 results

  1. Naut

    How do you recover?

    I went for a recovery ride the day after Amy's Gran Fondo with a few of the guys. One of them was the winner and another a former Pro. They rode REALLY slowly. Literally just spinning the legs. I doubt their HR got over 120. Clearly this is deliberate and part of their recovery process. Does anyone do this? I have always found opportunities to train so valuable that I don't want to go that easy. My idea of recovery is having an average HR of about 140. Am I slowing my improvement by not having a very easy session or is it only relevant for those doing Pro volumes?
  2. Tossing up whether to buy a 2nd hand spin bike (Star Trac < $300) or buy an old banger bike for around the same price to put on the JetBlack trainer I already have. Much rather be out riding, ride to work and most weekends, but there are plenty of times when I could sneak in a 30-60 minute session. Neither option is particularly 'life like' and I'm not that bothered to look at rollers or the flexi-trainers for more realistic feel. Have nutted out the obvious pros and cons, what else am I missing ? Spin + More adjustable (and without swapping parts), so the Mrs might use it too + Takes up less space (but weighs a ton) + All the cool kids seem to have one + Sell the JB trainer to offset spin bike cost - Maintenance/spares ? Do they use normal bike parts? - The 'dial up' resistance seems wildly variable Bike/Trainer + Already have the trainer and old/spare tyres, just need a bike to leave on it and not wreck good bike/tyres + Emergency bike if needed (but unlikely) + Indexed gears for more consistent effort increase/decrease
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