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Year of first Tri race?

Found 4 results

  1. Yup, me again! I'm hoping to get some feedback and thoughts from the power geeks and possibly encourage a bit of discussion around pacing and adjusting the effort from this weekend's race to be able to run well off a 180km ride in 9 weeks time. I know there are quite a few of us on the same boat who have used this race as a bit of a benchmark to see where we are at with our training as the build up to Busso starts (9 weeks to go!) so hopefully this will be useful to others too. I am also interested in working out if it is possible to estimate my CdA based on the data from this ride with the goal of making some tweaks to my "aeroness" (if required) over the next few weeks. I've tried fishboy's power calculator but I am not sure if I understand how it works... I never really pay much attention to anything other than my average power for a given distance / effort as way of measuring how I've been riding so I am sure there are some little gems hidden somewhere in those power files that you guys might be able to point out. I also don't understand TSS / VI / IF at all so don't really know if this is relevant at all when analysing my race. Overall I feel like I paced the bike well this weekend, if not a little bit too hard. I stayed aero for pretty much 99% of the ride, only getting off the bars on the few steeper climbs and at the turn arounds for a quick stretch. I did suffer a bit on the first lap of the run (abductor cramps) and feel like I could've run 3-5 minutes better off a slightly more conservative bike. In saying that I don't really know if I'd be making up much of the time I would've lost on the bike by running only 3-5 minutes faster so maybe I did get the pacing right? At the moment my FTP is sitting at around 290W and I weight 77-78kg. Here's the raw data from my ride, followed by the graph & quadrant analysis. Your thoughts and comments would be much appreciated TSS 241 VI 1.04 IF 0.84 35.8km/h average Average Power 233W (3.02 w/kg) 80% of FTP Normalised 242W (3.14 w/kg) 83% of FTP Peak 5min 266W Peak 10min 260W Peak 20min 248W Peak 30min 244W Peak 60min 241W Average HR 150 MaxHR 162 MinHR 133 Average Cadence 87rpm Cheers, Rog
  2. george-bob

    2014 goals

    So, given there is a week left I think most people are thinking about 2014 (or the strava challenge THEN 2014). What are your goals for racing, for life or whatever you want to achieve in 2014.
  3. Just wondering what other people do for their warm ups in long distance races? I know some guys that think it's crazy to warm up for such a long day but intuitively I think if you are going swim hard for the first 200-300 meters, you might want to make sure you are ready to go when the gun goes off. Do you warm up at all and if so, what do you do to get you race ready? Cheers, Rog
  4. Looking for a new/used ISM Adamo tri/TT/racing saddle. I hear they're good, but not for everyone, so thought I might pick one up second hand a bit cheaper than new, that didn't work for someone else, but might just work for me? PM or post here
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