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Found 9 results

  1. Sorry - I know this topic come up all the time but I need to help someone out who is helping someone out... Anyway I need a recommendation for a power meter - not for me. Good price Good function Must be able to source before Xmas New Stages seem to be the simplest and most popular, but is a one sided solution OK? What about the new pedal meters? - Assiomas seem popular but can I get them in Aus at short notice - I must admit I just can't get over the fact that pedals are subject to so much hits and scrapes, mud, dirt and water that something as delicate as a power meter really belongs there, but I have zero experience and happy to be proved wrong. I don't know the crank, set crank length or wheels so it seems that pedals would be more universal if I can't get all the info? Once again, apologies. I know all the information is buried away across multiple topics but I really wanted more "I have X, and they are great!" and I have Y and it is sh1t" type anecdotes and a bit of buying guide info. Thanks, P.
  2. Hey guys, Has anyone had experiences dealing with Quarq's customer service in Australia? I have a ~18month old Quarq RED powermeter that is returning >31000 when zero off-setting and because of that the power readings are virtually non-existent. The PM died at Cairns (race day) in June and I just assumed it was something to do with all the rain but after getting the TT bike out for the first time last week it is still not working. I tried a new battery and it didn't make a difference so I am guessing the next step is to get someone to look at it. I'm a bit disappointed to say the least. If you're spending almost $2K on a product you'd expect it to last longer than 18months? Is there something about products being fit for purpose or statutory guarantees that I could rely on when dealing with Quarq? TIA Rog
  3. Just putting the feelers out there to see if anyone wants to swap a set of Specialized S-Works carbon cranks with a Quarq Riken (specialized specific) PM 172.5mm, 39/53, 130BCD for the same in a Compact crank (ie 110BCD)? Quarq & cranks are in perfect condition. PM for pics if interested. Cheers JJ
  4. Just had the press fit BB installed on my new Falco V frame yesterday, problem I am having now is when I install the crank it seems to cease up and not turn? not sure what I am doing wrong? I have moved cranks on my bikes numerous times never had this issue. its a BB 86 GXP and its a SRAM Quarq crank What can cause that? Cheers
  5. Almost have enough money for a power meter so I thought I would start sussing out the used market, does anyone have a power meter kicking around they are looking to offload? Cheers
  6. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone have a Wahoo key that they are interested in selling or could perhaps lend it to me for a week or two? I am doing some calibration tests with my Quarq powermeter and need the Wahoo key to be able to do that. Cheers, Rog
  7. I have always been a massive fan of power and have had a power device from around mid-2004. I enjoy the numbers and analysing the data. Many people don’t, I do. The problem is the added expense a power meter adds. This post is part whinge, part observation. I just received news that my Quarq (S975) that I thought was alright after some issues, was in-fact dead and I need to fork out $500 for a new Riken (crash replacement price) because the S975 is no longer in production. Add in postage and it comes to around $800. This is 3 years after I paid nearly $1,900 for the unit itself. Quarq have been good to deal with. I have queried why it died. All I got was, 'failed in-house testing'. I am also asking them to cover return shipping as a goodwill gesture. How long should we expect these to last? Surely 3 years is too short? I look after my equipment really well and I understand sometimes electronics just die…but this is getting too much. I wonder if everyone with a power meter is just setting themselves up for an expense 3, 4 or 5 years down the track? I’m going to pay it this time (I have to thank the wife) but if in 3 years I am faced with another bill, I seriously doubt I will. I suspect there will have been advances and the prices will have dropped (see Stages for $699 at the moment) but I wonder if the reliability will have increased? What is your limit on toys?
  8. Hey guys, Does anyone have experience running SRAM crankset / rings with a Campagnolo 11 speed groupsets? I am looking at upgrading to a Quarq powermeter but want to make sure I can swap cranks between bikes. My roadie has Record 11 speed and the TT is Di2. I know the bottom brackets are compatible so that won't be a problem. Thanks, Rog
  9. As per title Brand New Quarq, 172.5mm crank arms Still in box (completely sealed & unopened), was hoping to return... As per CRC link: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... elID=51613 Reason for sale: I am stupid.... i bought wrong model - i need a GXP to fit my frame My mistake will mean u get a nice discount on a Quarq - dont forget to factor in 10%GST & $50 processing fee when comparing online prices $1600 ono with free registered post
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