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Year of first Tri race?

Found 12 results

  1. guzzle

    FS: SRM Professional

    Hi guys, Following an upgrade to etap i decided to tidy up the whole bike and swap out for a Quarq (RED). Thus i now have my little used SRM for sale. 260 hours - SRM Professional 172.5mm Shimano Octalink BB Looking for $1000 ono - ill cover any postage. Couldn't work out how to get a photo up but happy to send anything. Cheers, Guzzle
  2. roxii

    Stages Android App

    Saw this on Bike rumour yesterday. http://www.bikerumor.com/2014/07/07/stages-cycling-introduces-new-power-app-for-android/
  3. Just putting the feelers out there to see if anyone wants to swap a set of Specialized S-Works carbon cranks with a Quarq Riken (specialized specific) PM 172.5mm, 39/53, 130BCD for the same in a Compact crank (ie 110BCD)? Quarq & cranks are in perfect condition. PM for pics if interested. Cheers JJ
  4. Hi Have a SRM K Force Light Power Meter for sale. Just had new batteries put in. 172.5mm cranks, 130BCD, 39/53 chainrings This unit works perfectly and im selling as I want to upgrade to a DA 11 speed. $1000 inc postage Located in Lambton, Newcastle NSW Justin 0408101691
  5. Alex Simmons

    Kona Power Meter Count - 5 year trend

  6. TimG

    Power meter lifespan

    I have always been a massive fan of power and have had a power device from around mid-2004. I enjoy the numbers and analysing the data. Many people don’t, I do. The problem is the added expense a power meter adds. This post is part whinge, part observation. I just received news that my Quarq (S975) that I thought was alright after some issues, was in-fact dead and I need to fork out $500 for a new Riken (crash replacement price) because the S975 is no longer in production. Add in postage and it comes to around $800. This is 3 years after I paid nearly $1,900 for the unit itself. Quarq have been good to deal with. I have queried why it died. All I got was, 'failed in-house testing'. I am also asking them to cover return shipping as a goodwill gesture. How long should we expect these to last? Surely 3 years is too short? I look after my equipment really well and I understand sometimes electronics just die…but this is getting too much. I wonder if everyone with a power meter is just setting themselves up for an expense 3, 4 or 5 years down the track? I’m going to pay it this time (I have to thank the wife) but if in 3 years I am faced with another bill, I seriously doubt I will. I suspect there will have been advances and the prices will have dropped (see Stages for $699 at the moment) but I wonder if the reliability will have increased? What is your limit on toys?
  7. DesertBoots

    Polar CS600x HRM and Bike Computer

    includes the 600x computer, wearlink HRM Strap, cadence monitor, speed monitor, bike mount etc check out this link to see a full description and pictures http://www.evanscycles.com/products/polar/cs600x-cycling-computer-ec019152 This bike computer can download training data to a computer and also has polar training software to plan your sessions and upload them to the bike computer I'm in Perth, its your's for $100 plus postage which shouldn't be much to Aus address p.s. If you want you can also take the polar power meter (this is the cheapy type that runs off the chain tension so don't expect too much. this Power meter needs the battery compartment fixed i.e. the power meter is not working at the moment)
  8. vince

    WTB powertap

    I am looking for a 2nd hand powertap, Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks,
  9. vince

    WTB quarq in Melbourne

    Where will be the cheapeast place to buy a new quarq powermeter or 2nd hand one? Thanks, Vince
  10. jimmyk

    Pro SRM data...

    I figured i would just start a new thread for this as i didnt notice how much data there was. Examples cam browns IM melb power, Rachel joyce IM melb Faris Al sultans Abu Dhabi tri data Just heaps of data in there.. http://www.srm.de/index.php/us/srm-blog/triathlon-blog/595-ironman-hawaii-2010-srm-daten-von-faris-al-sultan
  11. a.davis12

    cycleops powertap training wheelset

    Up for sale is my very lightly used set of powertap training wheels. Wheels are: Rear: Cycleops SL+ 32h rear powertap hub laced with comp spokes to a dt rr4** rim, black spokes and rim front: cycleops front hub (has cool carbon cutouts and matches the rear.....mmmmmm symmetry) 32h laced to a mavic open pro rim 32h, black spokes and rim. Wheels have done at most 1000km. Selling them as i don't really like using power (call me not a triathlete), and i owe money to the man. Wheels will come with pair of very good condition Schwalbe ultremo DD tyres and a Dura-Ace 12-23 Cassette, (or a campag freehub body with no cassette if you are awesome and like campag). Wheels are true and round and have been owned by a bike mechanic (a proper one, not a "i work on my own bikes and therefore i am a mechanic" mechanic). Looking for around $1100 ONO. (including post) BUY THEM.
  12. I have decided in may be time to start trainig with power as since buying a turbo trainer with power I can see the training benefits (I still need to budget for one) Here is my dilemma I want a Power meter I can use for training and racing. I own two bikes at the moment a Look 596 with proprietary Zed Cranks and Zed Keo proprietary Pedals Cervelo roadie with Look Keo pedals. Ideally I would like a PM I can transfer with relative ease from the training bike to the TT bike. I think, but not sure as have not found any info, that Crank based systems like Quarq and SRM would not work with ZED cranks? correct me if I am wrong please. I know Look and Polar will release a pedal based system next year but the Zed pedals and the Keo pedals are not interchangeable. Garmins pedal based system will probably not fit my Look cranks. I hope people in the now may have some options for me!!! very frustrated I feel my options are: 1 get a power tap seems to be the best and most interchangeable option but restricts my wheel choices. Any other obvious disadvantages? 2 get rid of the ZED cranks and put something else (reluctant to do so as they are pretty good and light and look awesome) 3 get a Look roadie with ZED cranks!! out of the question they are too expensive!!! 4 wait for Brimm Brothers shoe based system? supposed to be out this year? Anyone in the know? really would like to see what peoples thoughts are! quite gutted as never thought it could get so complicated!! and no will not get rid of my LOOK 596 !!