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Year of first Tri race?

Found 7 results

  1. Is no one else concerned? Just like the MFD descent and the potential for freezing weather, this series of hills in town needs careful preparation Compact crank and 11-28 rear cluster should get the job done ... just
  2. I've had a bit of a selfish couple of years of IM, dragging the family to NZ, Port, Busso, Melbourne and Hawaii and am on tender ground re my next IM. Can't commit to either Port or Cairns at this 'early' stage, but wouldn't mind trying to sneak away for 4 days in May or June. My only concern is if I leave it too late then my plans may be thwarted. Did Cairns sell out last year? Is there any way to see the number of currently registered entrants? Will Port still sell out now that we have a bigger race in Melbourne?
  3. Yes we do need another one KAM http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1031 TGL http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1157 Tritragic http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1396 wetspot http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1296 Rebel http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=211 Nealo http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=895 PaperMan http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=886 Moffat77 http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=711 JGF http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=195 AP http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1605 Badger77 http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1139 Powdo http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1389 MWP http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=908 Stem http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1175 JonoB http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=157 Far West http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1477 Tri_hard http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=180 Big Chris http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1530 IronmanFoz http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1113 TenPints http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=889 iFoz http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1338 Nath http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=869 Goodcatch http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1484 Havachat http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1041 noosa nerd http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=574 Blobby http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1239 PortRooster http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=933 Sammo http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=932 noelski http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=477 clappers http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=391 Coffs Pete http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1542 miners http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=835 coghead http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=509 Holmesie http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=789 Rob B http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=690 Nicoloco http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=269 Tomsey http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=972 Paul Every http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1108 MountainMan http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=449 Andyboy25 http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=124 Kanga http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1068 Sladey http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1215 Throwing Stones http://tracking.iron...3.0&athlete=888 Cupcake http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1266 Mr Cupcake http://tracking.iron....0&athlete=1389 Good luck tomorrow, EMBRACE THE SUCK! Rog
  4. All, After reading the thread on the SMS system for IM Tracking I had a bit of a play around and managed to produce an application which will send updates via email. I plan to set it running for IM Australia as a Beta version. The triathlete updates have to rely on the IM site being updated, but it polls that site at set intervals and if there is an update for an identified triathlete, it will email that update to a specified email address (the complete status, not just the new update). If there is no update since the last check, then no email will be sent. If anyone is interested in receiving race updates via email for a triathlete competing in IM Australia, then please contact me with the following information (a PM might be best to avoid broadcasting email addresses): <Race Number>,<email address> -OR- <Race Number>,<email address>;<email address> (note the ',' and ';') I'd like to restrict this to Trannies who are racing, and to two email addresses to receive the update to keep some limit on this for its first run. If there aren't many takers, then I can open this up to other triathletes/more email addresses. Please note: this is developed as a trial for the Trannies triathlon community, it is free. There is no connection to any advertising operation. Once complete, your supplied email addresse(s) will be deleted from the system. There is no support operation, as I'll be out on the course somewhere; if the app. fails, then I offer my apologies - I will be using it to update my family, so I'll be losing out as well. Cheers! TenPints
  5. Can't believe there hasn't been a topic about this yet, specially with Shepparton selling out so quickly. Are people really scared of the hills that they will not enter Port Mac 70.3 and the race will not sell out? I am locked in. Who else is doing it?
  6. Yup, that's me coming to the rescue again!!! http://goo.gl/zUmS4 PS: thanks everyone for all the beers you shouted me (not) at Port as promised last year...
  7. Training Weekend 1-3 October 2011. My wife, Melinda, is running a triathlon camp in Port Macquarie on October 1 - 3 (long weekend). Lots of the training will be on the half/ironman course. Schedule Sat AM: Run (50min - Tempo + Technique Tips) - Early for those that can make it down Fri night. Sat Lunch: Cycle (Hills) - 1hr session Sat PM: Open water swim (in the river. Watersafety will be there) Sun AM: Long Ride/Short Run off. Sun Lunch with Mel (Nutrition discussion, Q&A) Sun Swim (pool) Session + Technique Mon AM Long Run There is limited accommodation for $100 for whole weekend. You would either need to book it as a group or be happy sharing in close quarters (self-Contained granny flat in my house). Great orientation for those doing Half Port IM, IM or great to train in a group environment ready for the season. If you are passing this around then here is a bit of info about Mel Level 1 Triathlon Training Coach 6 Time Ironman Participant (this include 2 Hawaii) 3rd place 2008 IM AUS 3 time IM Age Group winner 2 Olympic Distance World Championship Participant Triathlon racing since 1997 Mother of 3 (learnt and still practising the art of being a good age-grouper and balancing work/family and triathlon training and racing) Philsophy: getting people invovled in the sport and giving them advice to make sure they reach their potential (taking into account other life stuff!). Basically helping you achieve it all!!!!! Cost for the weekend is $200 including lunch on Sunday. So far we have around 8-10 attending, and all levels and abilities. Send me a message if you are interested.
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