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Year of first Tri race?

Found 7 results

  1. I run/ride most days from the wilds of Lane Cove into the city, and am thinking of doing some swim training on the way to work. The three obvious options without too much of a detour are Lane Cove Olympic/Bluefit, North Sydney Olympic, and Boy Charlton. I've checked out the websites, prices etc, but curious to hear others' experiences at the facilities, quieter days/times to go etc. Work and life in general make getting to classes/squads too hard most weeks, so just looking to churn out a few laps 1-2 a week without being swamped by kids or serious insects. Not really a gym bunny, and would rather a 50+ metre pool than getting dizzy in a typical indoor gym pool. Probably asking way too much, but no harm asking. Thanks, Kanga
  2. Hi! I am traveling from the USA to AUS for about a year and starting my travels in Torquay. I race a a competitive level and enjoy training with others! If you have suggestions on the following, I would so appreciate it! -Triathlon clubs in Torquay -Meet up time/location for track workouts, weekly runs and rides -Meet up times/locations/skill level for weekend rides and runs -Best training pools/structured swim workouts -Recommended races Hopefully I will get to meet some of you!! How is the triathlon scene in Torquay, is there a good community? Any suggestions for a city to visit after Torquay that is known for their triathlon community?
  3. JUST ANNOUNCED: APRIL 27, 2014. The first ever half-ironman in the Northern Territory is going to be held 1,500KM or just under 1,000 miles from the closest major body of water. That's right folks. "The Red Center" is going to put athletes to the test by starting them in a wave form in the outdoor 50 meter pool. I do not know of another half-ironman in the world where the swim is held in a pool, and since the race will most likely be wet-suit legal as the races have been in the past, can you say "PB"? This is a huge deal for our club. We have grown from a handful of members to over 100 last year. In addition to the growth, many of our members have now competed in half and full ironman events. We sent 10+ individuals to Cairns in 2013 and we'll be having 9 members compete in Ironman Wester Australia in December 2014. But it all started with Tavis Johannsen; someone who left this world way to young but laid the groundwork for triathlon to thrive in central Australia. What until last year was known as the Tavis Johannsen Ultra composed of a 2K swim, 60K ride, and 15K run will now expand to 1.9K swim, 90K ride, and 21.1K run. I am very interested to hear what people think about doing a half ironman with the swim held in a pool. It is surely going to be a massive event. http://www.alicespringstriathlonclub.com/ https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=583926558312230&id=188506527854237&comment_id=6423603&offset=0&total_comments=4#!/pages/Alice-Springs-Triathlon-Club/188506527854237 Alice Springs Triathlon Club
  4. Hi, I am being a little unlucky with my housemates and need to find a new one fast. If you're in the market or know anyone... check it out here: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/black-rock/flatshare-houseshare/fantastic-houseshare-in-great-location/1014782683
  5. 5 years doing tris never shaved legs or body, never thought it would make any difference. Before Worlds my wife and kids got me a voucher to get my chest hair lasered off ( so I got the message they did not like my rug, any way afterwards thought might as well shave the legs too. I am a bear type but still had decent amount of fur. I happened to time trial 1 km in the pool two week prior to shaving and swam 15:22 on the 26th of september, which was a a 17 second PB from March it was an all out effort for sure. Couple of days after the shave Monday 8th of October swam 14:59 which is a massive 22 second improvement !!!!! Could it be the shave? That's is 1 sec/ 100! What are people's thoughts/experiences? Edit to add same pool same time of day.
  6. I'm heading down to Melbourne with work late next week & I was wondering where the nearest pool to the CBD was that I could jump into a lane & do my own session. I don't want a squad, but just want to get in and do a few km as I'll miss my normal session. What's the best optionand how crowded is it at 5:30am. Thanks
  7. Hi All, Just seeking some advice on swim sets that will help me pick up some speed. I can comfortably swim 2km in the pool in around 42min or swim the 1km in around 21-23min. Fitness wise, i complete the distances comfortably but what i want to do is swim them faster. Does anybody have any swim sets to offer up that is focused on increasing speed ? All advice appreciated.
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