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Year of first Tri race?

Found 3 results

  1. Hi Everyone We have contacted Bernie about making this post and have her full support. ABC Grandstand have just commenced a new triathlon radio show named Front of Pack (FOP). It is a 3 person panel show consisting of Vanessa MacBean, Michael Sams and Clyde Rosanowski. Two of the panelists are active members of this forum, runlong and miloman. As it is primarily a radio show it is a bit shorter than your average triathlon podcast, the first episode is 35 minutes long. What we would love is some constructive criticism and maybe some ideas for future interviews or segment ideas. Be gentle though none of us have had any experience with radio before so we aren't going to be perfect straight away. The first show goes to air Friday 31 May at 3:30pm on digital radio. The interviews for the first show include Chris Hanrahan (Chris Kemp's coach) and the swim director and medical director at Ironman Australia. We know most people don't have digital radio so there will be a link to the show on the website and it will be available as a podcast later also. We'll add a comment to this topic when I have a link for you all. Thanks FOP
  2. my third favourite podcast (behind fotb and imtalk) endurance planet doesnt seem to by up anymore. has it stopped as i used to have it automaticly downloaded to my iphone. any ideas. cheers
  3. Rog

    "The Doc" on IMTalk

    Apologies in advance for the controversial topic http://www.imtalk.me/home/2013/3/11/imtalk-episode-352-brett-sutton.html
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