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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. Inspired by the Guppies thread over on ST I'm laying down a challenge. You don't win anything, except maybe some swim speed. Simply put, from 1 July, swim 50 kms in 50 days. If you're doing Yeppoon, that's 49 days from 1 July. If you swim at my speed, it's roughly 3 x 1 hour squads a week. Use whatever toys you have, swim in your wettie if you want. Record your distance however you want. The point is, get in the water and get swimming. I haven't been swimming since I hit the beach at Busso last year, but I'm gunna have a crack. I'll post a 400 m time from one of my first swims next week. For interest sake, 50 km in 50 days gets you in the top 10 on Triathlog over the periods I checked. EDIT: update the spreadsheet as you go to track your total Winterfish