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Year of first Tri race?

Found 2 results

  1. Pay it forward Thought it may be a good time to do this again and generate some good karma and I think I will probably be adding to it again as I clean out my stuff for the third time when I get to move home. The “rules” are simple, stuff is offered free of charge, generally including postage, as a gift of goodwill. It is then hoped that the gesture is payed forward in some shape or form. If you do get some stuff from this page and it doesn’t suit or fit or you finish with it, then it is bad juju to sell it, just re-offer it for another lucky person to make use of. I have some Bont Sub 10 shoes to go to a good home. Lightly used. I’m the second owner, but the first owner only raced in them a few times and myself likewise, I’d be surprised if they have been used half a dozen times as they were never used apart from races (and all sprints so no No.1’s in them either) Size is 44.5 and they look like this: Also have a PRO Scio Computer its a bit of a niche unit as it has ANT+ but no GPS. Read more about it HERE: http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=205
  2. Saw this on twits, I love the idea love the Vollies & being a vollie Dan: I have to say that it is so cool to hear that I somehow brightened his day! I really wanted to do something simple and tangible to express my thanks to the volunteers that were out there on the course. I purchased a couple of Starbucks gift cards to throw in both my “special needs” bags, and I wanted to pull those out of the bags and hand them to whoever helped me out at those special needs stations. It was a huge motivation for me, I really couldn’t wait to get to those stations so that I could give those to the folks who dedicated their day to making sure mine was as smooth as possible. At the run station in particular, it was really fun to stop and visit with Alan as I chomped down a piece of pizza that I had thrown in my bag. And to all the folks that made fun of me for putting pizza in my special needs bag, ha, that is the only thing I really wanted at mile 13. from http://www.slowtwitch.com/Interview/The_very_fine_day_of_Dan_Benjamin_4752.html Best form of pay it forward??
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