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Year of first Tri race?

Found 3 results

  1. Love gadgets but don't always use them to their advantage, or even use some of their features! So I've been thinking about pacing for Port (this will be important seeing as though bike training has been light on), I have Power which I will be using but was curious about this virtual racer thing. So my 2 Ports have been 5:41 and 5:43. I'd love a 5:30 but will take anther 5:40 or so. So I was thinking can I use this Virtual Racer thing? Not necessarily for pacing but as a screen I can flick to and look at and see if I'm up/down a couple of minutes at that specific point of the course. Anyone used it? Anyone used in a race?
  2. Ironman is all about the run. Tell us about your pacing stories. What were your pacing intentions and what actually happened? Are you a runner? Run/walker? Aid station walker? Have you ever started with the intention of slowing down? Ever started slow with the intention of speeding up? Negative splitted?
  3. There are quite a few interesting posts stemming from the thread about the perfect Ironman training week and I'm interested in pulling this one out to see what others think. In particular, I was interested in this post from slice, in which he states his long runs were all done at 5-6 min/km pace, yet he managed to run a very impressive (and probably within the top 1% of the field) 3h10min run last year at Port. In my last Ironman, where my long runs have all been done at 4:40-4:45min/km pace for up to 2.5hrs, I ended up averaging 5:12min/km for the IM mara. This is inline with what I heard about expected pace drop off of about 20-25s/km when you add the swim & bike fatigue to your legs. So this time I am training to get my long run down to a "comfortable" 4:30min/km pace and all things going well expecting to be able to run my next Ironman at around 4:45-4:50 min/km. Obviously how you pace the bike will have a huge impact in the difference but I'm more interested in those that got off the bike in a position to deliver your best possible run. What's your experience when comparing long training runs vs. race day pace?
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