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Year of first Tri race?

Found 3 results

  1. SpeedySteve

    Coast to Coast

    A friend has gone and put this crazy idea in my head of doing the Coast to Coast in 2020. The bike sections are the only bits that don't scare me. The rest looks insane. Triathlon is getting a bit old for me to the point that I don't feel nervous before, or that excited after a race anymore and really need a new challenge. I've never really done any trail running and paddled a little, up to 10k, a few years ago when I had a running injury. So I would be going in green. Has anybody here done this race or been involved in it? I welcome any experience or advice.
  2. Cat Lady

    Denizens of the Bike Path

    had to take a computer into the apple store yesterday afternoon so found myself toddling home at 5 ish on the bike path along coro drive. OMG! what a dog's breakfast! Council has provided a clearly marked cycle lane, parallel to clearly marked pedestrian lane. It really is a great section - usually! but all that seems to go out the window at 5.00pm on a Wednesday afternoon! I was nearly taken out twice by people riding the council bikes - one turning in front of me without indicating, one swerving into me as I passed them - I'd rung my bell and also politely called out "passing" - I have no idea why they swerved, but fortunately there weren't any walkers in the walking seciton. people in the walking section strolling three abreast so they are in the bike lane and runners having to go into bike lane to pass. Not one cyclist called out passing when they overtook me. the dog on the extender lead!?! really? what do people think. I'm thinking next time I'll take my life in my hands and take coronation drive instead.
  3. The Customer

    !!! OLYMPIC names LEAKED!!!

    I'm off to lunch. Enjoy.