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Found 1 result

  1. A shake-up to NSW cycling laws will increase fines for cyclists, make photo ID compulsory, and introduce a 1m distance rule that drivers must obey. From March 1, all cyclists over 18 must carry photo identification, "so that they can be identified in an emergency or if they break road rules", according to a Transport for NSW statement. Fines for cyclists will also increase from $71 up to as much as $425, depending on the offence. Cyclists who run a red light, ride dangerously or fail to stop at crossings could face a $425 fine, while those who hold on to a moving vehicle or don't wear a helmet could be fined $319. Another new law will require drivers to allow at least 1m distance between their cars and cyclists at 60km/h or less, and 1.5m at higher speeds. Any drivers who break the law will face a $319 fine and a penalty of two demerit points. NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay said the measures would improve the safety of all road users. "Earlier this year I committed to and held a roundtable to discuss cycling issues. I received recommendations on these issues – and the changes we’re making are about striking a balance for everyone on the roads and footpaths," he said. "Even with all of these changes in place, which reflect recent changes in other states, I maintain that all road users need to exercise respect when using the road – cyclists, motorists and pedestrians." However, Greens NSW MP and transport spokeswoman Mehreen Faruqi criticised the compulsory photo ID laws and increased fines for cyclists, accusing the government of "hostility" towards cyclists. "It’ ridiculous that the new $319 fine for not wearing a helmet is almost double the fine for driving in a bike lane, which is $177," she said. Dr Faruqi instead called for better cycling infrastructure, and said a bike-friendly NSW would benefit everyone. Read more at http://www.9news.com.au/national/2015/12/21/13/29/nsw-cyclists-face-higher-fines-and-must-carry-photo-id-under-new-laws-effective-march-1#VyYAp7GBah1SRCUF.99 http://www.9news.com.au/National/2015/12/21/13/29/NSW-cyclists-face-higher-fines-and-must-carry-photo-ID-under-new-laws-effective-March-1
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