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Year of first Tri race?

Found 13 results

  1. trifun

    Noosa Tri 2019

    OK, though it was tome for an actual event thread seeing as the festivities kick off shortly. Me I'm #104 (Legends Wave +/- whatever) back for my number 35 at this event but it will be a slow one as I cannot run😓 ( probs be in the moon boot just to make sure I can't get carried away) and planning lots of sitdown/catchup with people sessions along the way on the "run" 😆 leg. Not looking to flash at all atm, esp after the weight gain while not running for a couple of months - just want to get around the course and hope for better luck next year. Living it big again over at the Halsa Lodge backpackers and, assuming I have finished my last uni report, a trip to Sunshine Plazza/Sizzler on Sat arvo after the SuperKids in the morning. See you all in a week or so. RonA
  2. Scottz

    Noosa wave times

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone can tell me whether or not Noosa Tri wave starts tend to be fairly consistent or not? I did the bike leg (only) in a team this year and nearly died from the heat. I’m doing 2019 as my first full triathlon next year and am trying to decide whether I go with S4S or individual, and am largely basing this on wave start, which I know is not available until ~2 weeks out. So, what have the wave times been like in past years? Also I’m 32yo. Thanks
  3. So was working on my noosa tri database project and came across this little item: Note the names from the (Noosa Heads Lions Club /QRC) organising committee , and the course was 1.5 / 42 / 12 (don't believe everything you hear from WTC ).
  4. trifun

    Noosa Tri 2017

    For any who have yet to source accom at the annual shoulder rubbing festival (but we just can't bear to miss it), Noosa Heads YHA still have spots available (it's $64 for the two nights! and you can see into transition from the balcony!) https://www.yha.com.au/hostels/qld/sunshine-coast/noosa-heads/ See yall there
  5. So I'm off for my 31st - predicting my slowest ever time though: Swim: 45 min (one armed, assuming I don't drown trying to breath in the chop) T1: 5 min (the long run plus trying to get dressed 1 armd) Bike 1:20 ( coz I'm so unfit - might even ride the Giant to avoid the posture strain on the Cervelo) T2: 3 min Run: 60 min (coz I'm so fat & unfit & there is the calf tear and the useless arm) So all up I'll be lucky to get home in under 3:10 still that would beat the year I walked 1/2 of the bike in bear feet..... (Edit: opps a bit of overlap - what happens when you walk off to mow the lawn without hitting "post")
  6. Andrew Messick tweeted last night that he had a good dinner and discussion in Noosa last night Pete Jacobs, Jan Frodeno, Mel Hauschildt, Caroline Steffen and others. Might have been a little frosty at times.
  7. Read Lachies race report from Noosa , and as he heads into Challenge Forster this weekend wish him luck. http://transitions.org.au/showarticle.php?cid=99&p=10
  8. Just got this email.. http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=eyvpb9aab&v=001Q54IKSLlf4HbS-CYZBayoYzlbVifCcd7FbdquyKpgtFvZinDy9BCgGxv1f38cewamsTkHKX8xh4HFf2FCZO0vl6qmxtkyk4_95usaytnQFu7YnUP9vaqeo94xkm_lPze Will Noosa be re-branded by next year?
  9. Firstly, apologies if this has been covered already - but i couldn't see a thread. I understand that the decision about wetsuits will be made the day or so prior to the start based on water temp, what i am wondering is if it is likely / remote based on previous years and current local conditions? The reason is travelling up on the plane (from Melbourne) with the family, we'll be lugging enough crap and i don't want to bring the wettie for no reason. Second part of the qn - does anybody know of wettie hire availability up there?? Thanks
  10. just saw on my system at work that we will be running a Noosa triathlon 2012 program this sunday on 7mate 9am-11am for those of you interested!
  11. I love raising funds for charity but this is a bit steep... gos on to say how for a minimium fundraise of $1000 (by 2/7/12) + entry fee (now) + TA + 3% credit card surcharge you can get a garenteed spot at Noosa in November next year. Though you also get.... A custom-designed HeartKids branded race kit to wear on race day A HeartKids Tshirt A HeartKids cap A social gathering with other HeartKids team entrants prior to the event
  12. If you have even the slightest inkling to do an Olympic Tri next November then you need to invest at 9am on Tuesday morning. Will it sell out in 24 hours? 2 hours? Predictions? I'll go for 3 hours.
  13. Hey all, We will be at the Noosa Triathlon Expo and due to the fact we cant fly with our co2 rocket bombs, Corry Cycles will be trialing an initiative i believe has not been done before. We will be selling C02 16g canisters at the expo for $2 each, which you can use during the Noosa Tri. Instead of wasting the unused canisters and throwing them in the bin or at your competitors, Corry Cycles will have a "return bin" at there stand, and for every canister returned in that bin we will donate $2 to the AGF http://www.amygillett.org.au/about/ This we believe is a great way to attract customers to our expo stand and raise some $$ for charity in the meantime ... and save the environment a little win, win , win If you want to be a part of this, its simple, get down to the Corry Cycles Booth at the Expo Friday 28th Ocotober: 10am - 7pm Saturday 29th October: 9am - 530pm Sunday 30th October: 1pm - 5pm Cheers Evan Corry... Owner / Manager Corry Cycles Corry Cycles Shop 2 7 Discovery lane North Mackay, Qld, 4740 07 49 441 157 sales@corrycycles.com.au www.corrycycles.com.au
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