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Year of first Tri race?

Found 3 results

  1. FFF1077

    Wahoo Element

    Hello Sports fans I use a Wahoo Element bike computer. Yes I know that this is a Garmin fan boy/girl zone but I thought I'd ask anyway. 😁😁 When you get an Element, they pair with your phone via the phones camera and a QR code on the newly started/opened Element. As I have a new phone, S9+, I want to link/pair it with the Element so that I can change the settings and screen layouts via the partner app. Now I have installed the app on the new phone, unpaired the Element with the old phone, done a "hold the Element power button for 10sec" type reset and still there's no "new" QR code on the Element to enable me to pair up with the new phone. Any information or help would be great. @gplama this is your bread and butter. Fingers crossed you can possibly help? In between Zwifts..? 😁🤞🤞👍 Thanks all.
  2. SpeedySteve

    Buying a new laptop

    Hi folks The old desktop has died for the last time and we are thinking of replacing it with a laptop. We don't need it to do anything fancy, just for internet access, storing a few files and photos. Something middle of the range would be fine. What should I look for and how much should I expect to spend? Cheers Steve
  3. Hi Guys Entered Husky LC for 2012, looking at accommodation options. Will be me and a couple of mates so need three beds at least. Planning on staying Saturday and Sunday night would like to add in Friday night if possible. Whats the best option - look for a rental house for the weekend or motel type accom. Love some recommendations from Trannies who have stayed at good places down there. Also does it crank up at the Husky pub post race?