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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. Located in Melbourne. Will consider posting smaller items, unlikely to post the wheels. Mixed Shimano groupset. $225 5600 brifters, crankset (175mm, compact, 50-34) and RD (mid-cage), 6700 FD, Tiagra brakeset, 105 cassette 10-speed, 12-27. Great for a winter bike, commuter, etc. Boyd 90mm front wheel carbon clincher. $400 Go deep or go home. 2014 model, wide and rounded shape, the same profile as they're still using ( http://www.boydcycling.com/products/90mm-clincher-single.html ) . Brakes well and in near-new condition (<300km total). Nicely stiff with Sapim spokes, no harder to handle in cross-winds than an 808, and lighter too. Pair it up with the C24's and the disc-cover rear above and you're all set to beat your mates in the mountains AND on the flats. Shimano 6770 Front and Rear derailleurs. $250 Perfect if you want to convert your TT bike into an electrified TT. Or electrify any bike. Get some bzZZzzt-ing action under your butt, just pick up some of the shifters that other people are selling. They run on the E-tube system, so any of 6770 / 6870 / 9070 shifters will play nicely together. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153782325489359&set=pcb.1919006988324421&type=3&theater
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