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Year of first Tri race?

Found 6 results

  1. Hey all First time poster, first Sprint at Kurnell on the 24th! I signed up for this Sprint 12 weeks ago and have started swimming, cycling, running. Im from the UK so didnt really do much swimming and now I can just about finish 750m in the pool with a break at each 50m 😕 started swimming at Balmoral between the cones, and can safely get around 600, floating on my back just to catch my breath. 6 days out im starting to get a little nervous and just wanted to ask: - can I mention to the safety staff that its my first time in a race environment just in case something happens? - is the event beginner friendly, aka, ive watched enough videos to see how people transition but Im probably going to be taking it super easy just to get familar with it all, and wont be going too hard - wetsuits will be allowed If the water is under 22? will most people be wearing a wetsuit? - is there a watching area for friends? - do they provide swim caps or should I bring my own, I read somewhere that events give you ones? - there is 1 hour for Registrations, should I definately be there for the start of that, or is it worth turning up half way? - any ideas or tips about parking? I bought a parking tcket with my entry and it just says in the National Park so I guess im just not sure if its gonna be hectic or close to the event Thanks very much
  2. I know this time of year there are quite a few people out at Kurnell doing an open water swim as part of their training sessions. The bay currently has signs posted warning of an algae in the water and warning against contact with it "Harmful algae may be present in this water, contact may cause serious harm to humans and animals" Apparently " it's called trichodesmium algae and is generally non toxic but does cause skin irritation"
  3. roxii

    Kurnell Roll Call

    So who is in for the "unofficial" world champs this weekend? Im in!!
  4. I was at Kurnell on Sunday and observed something that I found a little bit worrying. I'm not quite sure what the road rules are, and perhaps what I'm about to describe is acceptable but I would be interested to hear some other perspectives. I saw two separate groups on Captain Cook Drive, probably each with 30+ riders, so quite substantial groups. Both groups had a car driving behind, and they weren't shy about taking up the whole lane. At one stage (single lane road + cycle lane) - I was driving home at this point - one of the groups had a car driving half in the cycle lane and half in the road, following their bunch. Is that allowed? What if a significantly faster rider wants to overtake the group? They have to ride around the car and the bunch?? I would have thought the car should have joined up with the group further down the street... and recommenced following once there were 2 lanes available. I'm not sure if I'm too hard on cyclists but my personal view is that if there is a cycle lane, and only one lane for cars, the cycle lane should be used and the car lane kept free for cars?? Additionally, while driving home I approached a traffic light where there were 3 lanes with the left lane being blocked by parked cars beyond the lights. I was in the middle lane, and the cyclists behind me decided to pull out of the middle lane (they were behind me) into the left lane as they approached the red light where I was stopped. Then when the light changed they wanted to cut in front of me into the middle lane. Is that acceptable??? Should we, as cyclists, also think about how our actions impede, frustrate and hold up drivers?? It was a very frustrating drive out of Kurnell... and I'm a cyclist myself!!
  5. Well I just received an email from Triathlon NSW general manager Phil Dally and have to say I am impressed. It clearly explains the situation with the rain and how that affects the Kurnell race on the weekend, what TriNSW and National Parks are doing to minimise the impact on everyone involved, and it even outlines what the contingency plan is in case the swim is cancelled because of high levels of polution in the bay. If you haven' received it, here's a copy and paste for your reading pleasure...
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