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Year of first Tri race?

Found 6 results

  1. James

    Simply Kickr

    I've have subscriptions to Bkool and Zwift but got jack of the monthly fees and now have none. What is the software which come with Kickr's like or is there any non-subscription options out there? Less than 3 months to Noosa and I need to get back on my bike but can't leave the house due to looking after children at same time. Thanks.
  2. I'm currently having some issues with power drops when I'm doing Sufferfest workouts on my Gen 1 KickR trainer. Signal is getting transmitted on Ant+ through dongle plugged into USB extension to MacBook. Software is all up to date and Sufferfest have sent me a new unreleased version of their app to try and fix the problem (it hasn't). My question is whether it's possible to get power drops because the dongle and/or USB extension cord get a bug/problem. I think they are ok because HR and cadence don't get the same issue but how would I test them to be sure? . I keep coming back to the App as the problem but nothing seems to be fixing it so now clutching at straws. It's driving me mad! Any suggestions?
  3. James

    Zwift or Bkool

    I have just bought myself a Kickr with the aim to loose some weight and get back some running form after a couple of injuries. There has been a few posts on Zwift but does anyone use Bkool instead or as well? I had not really heard of Bkool until the fella selling me the Kickr said it has some advantages over Zwift. I'm not sure how current this one is http://turbobiketrainer.com/zwift-vs-bkool-simulator/
  4. Wahoo have unveiled a new trainer the Kickr Snap. Basically its a "wheel on" version of the original Kickr and at a loweer price. Here is DC Rainmakers preliminary findings on it. http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2015/06/wahoo-kickr-snap.html Ill see if I can find out when to expect them locally and an estimated price.
  5. So i bought a Kickr trainer last week and have some questions because I'm not very good with technology. I unpacked it, plugged it in and set my bike up on it. I then put the Wahoo utility app on my iphone and tested the 'Bluetooth 4.0 sensors' which apparently was all good. I've got a TV and a fan in the shed ready to go with a stack of spinervals DVDs and sufferfest files on a harddrive. I don't currently have a bike computer because mine died in the rain a couple of weeks ago and I've just been using an old garmin 305 forerunner on my wrist. Now what do I do???? How do I watch a sufferfest file and have the kickr adjusting resistance to match what I'm watching??? Do I need a dongle/ant and what is a dongle ant anyway?? Do I need a cadence sensor and HR monitor (I have a garmin HR strap with the 305 if that helps)?? I've just put Trainerroad onto my ipad to see if that makes things clearer but it again looks like maybe I need some more sensors, dongles or ants??
  6. I love my Kickr and until I'm able to uncleat I'm doing all my rides on it. It could be another few weeks before I'm on the road. I've been doing VERY short sessions mostly for range of motion but today I actually did 20 minutes in one go. So I figure it's time to crank up the duration into semi real rides. I have access to the Kinomap videos which also control the Kickr's gradient and they don't do a bad job. To date I've just used the iPad balanced on the aero bars, but I will probably move the whole setup and use Apple TV. I've knocked over several incredibly boring flat rides through Flanders and today's effort was all of 10km around Central Park. BUT..... They are quite limited, random in quality and not terribly well indexed nor is there really good coverage. There are plenty of partial Alpe D'Huez and other alpine climbs, but they are all snippets. And it's moderately expensive to keep subscribing. Does anyone know of an alternative source of course videos that's akin to the Computrainer library but will work on the Kickr?
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