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Found 1 result

  1. Was witness to a strange meeting between colleagues yesterday. In brief, a senior and very experienced member of the team (30 years international experience in the field) briefed the team of 5 on a couple of new procedures aimed at streamlining the filing and archiving situation (in short, there is no filing or archiving procedure leaving the office open to lost files and time wasted searching for past work) and also a presentation method to improve the perception of the department in the eyes of the clients. The youngest Team member, 23 year old female with 1 year industry experience, was visibly upset and strongly resisted the idea to change the way she currently works. At one point she turned to the 56 year old male Dept Head demanding to know if he too supported these new procedures and why hadn't she been involved in discussions before the procedures were presented to the Team as a trial. This young woman graduated with honors and is an Alpha type bringing a lot of life and energy to the office. She is also an only child and still lives at home with her parents - if that helps paint the picture. She has a fun and flirtatious relationship with the Dept Head who enjoys her banter and loves to tease her. Sitting there watching the whole exchange made me think back to when I was just 1 year out of uni, working as a junior in my first jobs. I wouldn't have dared to react like that and be so dismissive of someone with so much experience making changes to the way work flows through the office, no matter how unnecessary I believed it to be. It looked to me like a young girl having a tantrum and clinging to her father figure to be on her side. I get the father/daughter connection and that is hard-wired into many young women, but the disrespect she showed to the presenting Team member blew my mind. Is that behaviour a millennial thing or was the young woman right to be angry and protest because she wasn't consulted before the presentation? As I type that sentence, it seems crazy to me. For those in HR or with similar aged staff or with daughters of similar age, how do you manage a young woman like that? What kind of game do you play to keep her happy? It would be a shame for the Dept to keep wallowing in amateurish, disorganised work methods due to the influence of one staff member. (It should be noted that the three oldest staff members, 48,49 and 56, all agreed with the new procedures to go ahead and demonstrated the most flexibility).
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