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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. OK September 2016 I started "training" again after an inconsistent and at times non existing period of training. Hit my head really badly in July this year which stuffed up months of consistent work. Resulting recovery has been frustrating with more 2-3 day bits lost here and there due to a foggy head, and with the requirements of my job, I have to take those sensations seriously. If I was still a Boilermaker I wouldn't mind. So I have found myself trying to get faster and fitter by pushing more, training harder. But this has effected my consistency too. I'm a solid bloke and intensity fries me badly. Has anyone else had to rebuild slowly and had success? I am going back to what got me fit in the first place, basic Endurance and easy training. I have to remove the ego and just get fit. Goal event is Busso Half next May. Cheers