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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. Hey This effort would not have been possible if not for the generosity and patience and understanding of the Transitions Triathlon Community. For that I am eternally grateful. Special thanks in no specific order goes to Katz, Stikman, KieranR, Prizna, ZED, MJK, Roxii, Turts, Fitness Buddy, Flanman, Ex Hasbeen, Surfer, Goughy, Pinkboy, Sunnygirl, Peter, Begginer Girl, Bored@work and AP The MKC program took me to places that I have never been, physically and mentally. That's the ONLY REASON why I enjoyed the 13+hrs of Triathlon. The whole thing was paced to perfection on my behalf due to the training AND more to the years and years of advice and mistakes that others have offered/made. Every time I went to self sabotage mode in the race, a little nugget of knowledge or a race report horror story popped up and stopped me. How was it you ask? FUN. So much ****ing fun. Better than I'd dreamed of. Will I be back again soon? NO Best memory? Too many. Seriously, waaayyyy too many. Totally Tri geeked out on the whole thing. Could I get under 13hrs? YES Could I KQ? NO Could I get the 10:00:xx I want? Yep Biggest regret? Not staying after I finished. I feel like a c@nt. 😔😔 If you want to go fast, apply at MKC. If you want to feel part of a community even though you are a socially akward misfit and you love Multi Sport then you should join Trannies. Thanks again all And peacefully iriony has happened. My 910 shat itself and I lost my race file. Bike file was on the Element. That's the universe telling me to go do other things for a while. I love you all ✌️ 9/4/19 I have a lengthy race report detailing my beginnings and the race but I am also battling to put a lot of it into words as there's quite a few things that I believe must remain unsaid out of respect for a few. It was and is my last Triathlon. I don't miss the thought of competing. To those who put up money and services I again sincerely thank you for that. Especially Roxii, MJK, Stikman, Katz and KieranR. To those who have continued to support me and be a friend I sincerely appreciate it and love you. @willie You know what to do. ✌️
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