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Year of first Tri race?

Found 2 results

  1. Just how stupid are these blokes? It's not like they need a quick buck - they're all getting paid way more than they deserve - and they throw it all away. I hope none of them ever play again. F#ckin' idiots.
  2. So late last year a car swerved close to me and his passenger threw liquid over me out the window while TT-ing on beach rd. . I nearly came off and was a little shaken up. Got the number plate, reported it and kept... on.... hassling the cops about it. Long story short, (several months later) I get an email that says something other than "we're working on it" - It seems that the scummy driver gave up his scummy mate. $600 fine and a stern talking to. Obviously I'd prefer they both get put in the stocks... but happy that if you keep pushing, the system will eventually work. Not sure if it will make me report every instance of f-wittery that occurs, but pleased that (as with most things in life) being (superficially) polite and (very) persistent yields results.
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