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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. willie

    Willie goes down - again

    So I got knocked off my bike again yesterday, just found out I've fractured 2 ribs and probably torn my shoulder apart (there's even less movement then I already had from Rugby years ago). Dude pulled out in front of me when I was doing about 45km/hr. Lucky I was on the roady and not the SS at the time (SS only has one break on the front). Nearly ended up in a punch-up with the guy that hit me. His excuse "I thought being on a bike you'd stop when I pulled out in front of you". Um WTF buddy? You're kidding aren't you F Wit. He didn't take too kindly to me calling him an F Wit and decided he'd try grab me and a small scuffle ensued. I had him pinned on the ground and a pedestrian that saw it jumped in and got us apart. Then he kicked off yelling and screaming about cyclists and how we shouldn't be on the road. I just sat in the gutter, the pain had hit me and I realised I did some damage. Cops arrived and he blamed me black and blue for everything. Then they asked me, I pointed out that I had cameras front and rear (thanks Cycliq) and whipped out my laptop to show em the footage. It was handy that it also picked up the scuffle and captured all the noise and abuse etc. Probably new bike time if the guys insurance comes through, mine is absolutely cactus. The fork didn't break (not sure how) but the headtube is a lil bent and rear stay (drive side) went into my wheel That's a car (wrote it off) and a bike in less than two weeks. Surely I get some good karma out of this for the shop (that's not opening for a few days now). Anyone in Syd able to lend me a road bike for a few weeks? I'm now down to a single speed (I'm selling cause I'm weak as piss) and a TT bike (the TT is not getting commuted on, it's dangerous enough on the roadie!)