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Year of first Tri race?

Found 15 results

  1. Well I've not seen anyone else actually use one so thought I'd post my first impressions. I purchased a Coros bike helmet at the Noosa Expo the other week (a white one with the red highlights) $229 at the exp - discounted from $249 RRP (but equal to the going rate on the interweb)- bonus t-shirt at the expo though.... The price seems pretty good and cheaper than a premium quality helmet ( which it seems to be) plus a pair of Bluetooth headphones. This helmet uses Bluetooth to link to your smartphone and has bone conduction pads fixed to the straps so that they contact your cheekbones just in front of the ears. There is also a microphone tucked inside the lining of the helmet under the pad at the front of the helmet (out of the wind). The combination allows the rider to the hear any output from their device (music, navigation etc as well as make and receive phone-calls (if you have a mate with one then you can purchase a walkie-talkie accessory and enable this functionality from the handle bare remote). Out of the box: it was well packed and came with a full set of replacement pads plus the adhesive velcro pads to secure them inside the helmet, a manual, a remote control for the handle bars, a charging cord, and a carry bag. Set up: It took about 100 min for the initial charge (the manual cautions to fully charge before use) but this gave me time to download the app for my iPhone and read the manual, and mount the remote to my handlebars (well I put it on the stem as I'm running out of space on the road bars due to clip on aeros), then a quick nap. After that pairing it to my phone was simple, just follow the user guide. Use: The bit that matters - fit was very comfortable. Turning the unit on is pretty easy wirth a small button located tucked under the rear peak elicting a reassuring "device paired" announcment (the reverse at the end of the ride). The sound quality when listening to music stationary was slightly less dynamic than my apple earbuds but that's not really the point of this product. On the move the sound is actually better than having a set of buds in your ears as there is no extra wind noise from wires and turbulence around the ears. But then the joy - with the ears unencumbered you can hear everything around you: cars, pedestrians, cycling buddies, swooping magpies.... Plus no wires, zero, zip - nothing snagged around the back of the head to connect Bluetooth headphones, no cable dangling down the back to jersey pockets (when not getting snagged on your seat at the lights, or impeeding getting the jersey off for that bathroom break (you do all wear bib-nicks right?). And as there is no cable and nothing in your ears - you attract fewer disparaging glances from other road users. The handle bar mounted remote means your ever-so-expensive smartphone can stay in a zip-lock bag tucked in your pocket (yes the new ones might be "water-proof" - but at nearly 2k or some of the newer models why risk it? and sweat can be a bit more corrosive that rain water) a couple of butons let you adjust the volume and skip to the next track (but not backwards - sorry to people practicing their karaoke) anothe button to answer calls and one last to activate the (optional) walkie talkie function. I found I could hear all my tunes at anything up to about 6okph - but I like to keep the volume fairly low. Phone conversations were of an acceptable quality on the move and perfect if stationary. The unit performed better than a number of my other Bluetooth based in/around ear headsets as apart from the restrictions on hearing the outside world and the problems of wind whistling/dropping them etc a particular bugbear has been the signal dropping out when moving to a full tuck position (too much of me blocking the radio path I guess) - no such issues here with no dropouts for the whole ride. I only rode for about 3.5 hours this morning from (Hervey Bay to Burrum Heads and return - predominantly rural Qld) so the battery was not tested too much (claimed duration is 10hours with a 90 min recharge). I wonder how TA would respond if I wore one while competing? Now if only a friend would by one so we could try out the walkie talkie.... More details at the Australian distributor's site: https://www.iico.com.au/shop I'll add some more after a couple of months of use. But for now - high recommended.
  2. Launched at Eurobike, from Bikerumour https://www.bikerumor.com/2017/08/30/eb17-oakley-aro-helmets-crash-onto-scene-plus-new-cycling-kits/
  3. Turtle recently purchased a Bell Star Pro helmet when they were on a great sale at Bike Bug and offered to do a review of the product. Check it out HERE
  4. What helmet do you use when racing? Do you use different helmets depending on the race? What brand/ model do you use? What brand/ model would you most like?
  5. Hey guys, what's on the shopping list for the new season and/ or Christmas coming up? I will use this list to try and harass some suppliers to get some info and hopefully some gear to test and review which I hope some of you can help me with. So what's on the wish list?
  6. Need to replace my Laser 02 helmet inserts . Has anyone had any luck doing same . My search thus far has come up empty thanks in advance
  7. Hi guys All items are in Perth, I'm happy to send around Australia at the buyers expense. Spiuk Helmet. Medium/large size. Good condition except for little crack near rear of tail (pictured). Australian standard sticker. Only asking $50. Shimano Ultegra 6800 Crankset. Taken straight off a new bike, never pedalled. 175mm cranks and chainrings are 52/38. $175 FSA K-Force Light Crankset. 53/39 Chainrings. 10 speed. 175mm cranks. Were used for about 12 months. $150. There are some shoe scuff marks on the drive side crank arm (pictured)
  8. For Sale is my Giro Selector in a White and size M/L with Visor and Helmet Bag I have had this helmet for a little over a year. I have used it for 2 olympic distance races and 2 Half Ironmans plus a few times in training. No Scratches and NO signs of wear and tear. $200 - Pickup in Melbourne perfect for IM Melbourne, so anyone who wants one before the race just contact me. here is a pic of what it look like:
  9. So Macca (The Greatest Ever), Crowie (The Peoples Champ) got a spare Specialized McLaren TT helmet your could lend a fellow local from the Shire? He's doing his first Ironman and wants to look good for the photo's. If the photo's are no good he might have to do another and he really doesn't want that. So not being able to buy the best looking aero helmet out there (Specialized McLaren TT), can you hook a brother up? Oh and if it could be blue to match the TOSS colours that'd be great.
  10. I was naughty yesterday, but justifiably. I made the pilgrimage into the dandenongs to pay homage to the mountain by doing the Crucifix loop. The 1-20 was chock full of riders, TT/tri bikes in particular (respect to the girls who were smashing it up there dragging 3 or four men up the hill!), devils elbow less so, especially after the left hander up churchill rd to one tree hill. But we rode around to inverness rd, and by the time we were climbing that bugger it was getting quite warm. So warm, in fact, that I made the judgement call to take the helmet off and ride up inverness rd, which is a very quiet residential st, holding my helmet on the handlebars. I was very happy with this decision when it kicked up to 15% about half way up to sky high, and I put the helmet back on before I reached the main rd. It's a humbling feeling to be doing 194 bpm riding at 55 rpm out of the saddle in the granny gear (which is admittedly a 39/25 so not as small as the dandenongs really require), and knowing you have another 4 km to go before you reach the top of the climb. I did not see a car on either the way down nor the way up (which is quite common for that particular stretch), nor was I riding over 20km/h and I consider myself to be a pretty skilful cyclist. I know it's against the law ride without a helmet, and if I had been issued with a fine I would be happy to pay it, but under the circumstances was it really such a bad thing?
  11. Rudy Project, Winspan aero helmet. White/Silver. One size fits all. Worn just once. (have two, selling one). comfortable, cool, doesn't hurt the ears. http://www.erudy.com...78&cat=0&page=1 RRP $299 selling $150. Am in Sydney
  12. Boofhead32

    Aero Helmet

    Rudy Project, Winspan aero helmet. White/Silver. One size fits all. Worn just once. (have two, selling one). comfortable, cool, doesn't hurt the ears. http://www.erudy.com...78&cat=0&page=1 RRP $299 selling $150. Am in Sydney
  13. Given my fast approaching relocation I am slowly clearing out the garage and selling some of my tri gear. Please find links to the items: http://www.ebay.com....984.m1555.l2649 http://www.ebay.com....984.m1555.l2649 http://www.ebay.com....984.m1555.l2649 Any questions please send me a PM. Thx PM
  14. Hi everyone, Has anyone seen or purchased a case for an aero helmet? I've got a Lazer Tardis and can't seem to find anything for it.
  15. Wish to acquire new possible carbone helmet at nice price if possible
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